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10 Reasons Why Modi Will Lose The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

Modi is not India. Gandhi is loved, and Godse is a criminal. And Modi couldn't change that.

1. India is not Gujarat. Muslim is not a cuss word nor Pakistan the most important issue. The Gujarat model of winning elections wouldn’t work in India.

2. Narendra Modi won 2014 because of the corruption of UPA2. It had a fair share of vote against UPA 2.

3. Modi’s campaign of 2014 was of hope. In 2019, it is of insecurity and fear.

4. In 2019, Modi isn’t even uttering his poll promises of 2014. It shows how massively he failed.

5. Think about this. You will find a lot of people who voted for BJP in 2014 but disappointed and voting against BJP in 2019. Would you find anyone who voted against BJP in 2014 voting for them in 2019?

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6. In 2014, Modi had an intellectual cover of people like Arun Shourie, Subramaniam Swamy’s, Justice Bhagwati, Arvind Panagriya, Rajesh Jain etc. It brought in the Pro- Development voters. None around in 2019.

7. In 2014, it was BJP. In 2019, it is Modi. And hardcore “sanghis” hate it.

8. In 2014, Amit Shah wasn’t as strong. Rajnath, Sushma, Gadkari provided a cover of wisdom. 2019 is all about Shah and Modi. The duo draws a negative reaction even amongst BJP voters.

9. The election speeches of 2019 are cheap and have touched a new low. It draws away conservative voters.

10. Modi is not India. Gandhi is loved, and Godse is a criminal. And Modi couldn’t change that.

On May 23, I just hope we all smile, either way. And talk people, poverty, jobs and growth. Both China and Pakistan would want a divided India on religious lines. Pakistan, BJP & China have the same vision of India. Indians would reject their vision by voting for India.

(This article first appeared on Maheshwar Peri’s Facebook)

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