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Admiral Ramdas Writes Anguished Email to ACM NC Suri & Gen Rodrigues, Producing Proof of Their Prior Endorsements (Read Full Email)

ACM NC Suri & Gen Rodrigues had denied signing the veterans' letter to the President about politicisation of the armed forces

ACM NC Suri & Gen Rodrigues had denied signing the veterans’ letter to the President about politicisation of the armed forces. However, Admiral Ramdas’ subsequent email, that produces proof of their prior endorsement, clarifies that their names were included on the letter after express consent.

Here are the screenshots of the email chain, followed by the text. The email addresses are blanked out to protect privacy.

Here is the text of the email chain:

From: Laxminarayan Ramdas <**********>
Date: Fri, Apr 12, 2019, 2:05 PM
To: Rodrigues General <*************>, jean Rodrigues <*************>, Suri Nirmal Air Chief Marshal <*************>
Cc: sudhir vombatkere <*****com>, Priyadarshi Chowdhury <*******>

Dears Roddy and Nimmi,

I was so delighted when I saw both your signatures and endorsements to the letter from the Veterans to the President and Supreme Commander.

I had entrusted this task to the able hands of Maj Gen Vombatkere and Maj P Chowdhury since we are away out of the country as of April 8. Visiting our daughter in Singapore.

I am therefore at a total loss as to why I have just had some inputs to say that both of you disclaim any knowledge of this letter and that you cannot associate yourself with the letter?!

I immediately checked back and have got the original list of endorsements from Vombatkere. I notice that both of you have indeed endorsed the same – which is why your names were included in the list I had okayed.

There must be some misunderstanding or someone creating mischief.

I also have been trying to reach both of you on the phone from my Whatsapp – but unsuccesfully.

I also wanted to clarify – that there are tweet messages going round on social media which ofcourse we have no access or control over – but the original letter to the Hon President stands exactly as it was when you have seen, approved and endorsed it.

In the interest of keeping our credibitlity as a responsible group of senior and other veterans – I hope this will clarify the matter and that you will also maintain this to the media.
2. I am copying and pasting the two endorsements sent to me by Maj Gen Sudhir Vombatkere.

“Nirmal Suri Tue 4/9/2019 7:28 AM I am of the firm view that the Armed Forces must continue to be apolitical and oriented to serve the country through the democratically elected Government. This would be in the larger interest of the country. It is in this context that I endorse the appeal to the Supreme Commander. Air Chief Marshal NC Suri.”

“jean Rodrigues Mon 4/8/2019 12:05 PM I endorse the appeal to the Supreme Commander. General Dr.S.Rodrigues (Retd). “***********

For any further clarification do please revert to me.

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