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Editorial: Amit Shah’s Promise of Turning India Into a Fascist Hindu State if Modi Comes to Power Again

His open threat that BJP will carry out NRC in a phased manner across the country if voted another term is unconstitutional and a clear call to genocide.

Who is an infiltrator? Who is an enemy of the state? Who is an Indian? Who is a Hindu? Who is an anti-national? Who deserves to be killed? Who deserves to be dragged by their hair, raped at knife-point and left to die in a gutter? Who deserves to be detained like a caged animal? Who deserves to be thrown out of their homes? And who gets to be left alone?

If its promise to implement National Register of Citizens in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) manifesto wasn’t clear and worrying enough — Amit Shah on Thursday spelt it out that the saffron Hindu fundamentalist saffron party will ensure that the NRC is implemented across the entire country if it forms the next government. “We have promised in our manifesto that once Narendra Modi forms government once again, we will implement National Register of Citizens in the entire country,” the BJP president declared, addressing a rally in West Bengal. “We will remove every single infiltrator from the country. And all the Hindu and Buddhist refugees… we will find each of them, give them Indian citizenship and make them residents here.”

For the uninitiated, the NRC is a document which will list all the citizens of Assam. It has been hugely controversial as the draft unfairly excluded some 40 lakh people, leaving them in a Kafkaesque nightmare of being stateless. The exercise, which began in 1951, is aimed at identifying illegal immigrants (read: Muslims) in the state as it borders Bangladesh.

Amit Shah’s open threat that BJP will carry out NRC in a phased manner across the country if voted another term is unconstitutional and a clear call to, what many feel, genocide. By terming people “termites” who have been living in the country without proper citizenship, owing to the ineptitude of an abysmal bureaucracy, is eerily reminiscent of Hitler’s seminal speeches against the Jews, resulting in the “Final Solution”.

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It also deftly outlines BJP’s main agenda that Muslims and other minorities will have no place in India and this will be extensively carried out if they come to power again. Even the garb of promising development and revitalising the economy this time around has been dropped from political speeches by BJP leaders, focusing doggedly on communal and nationalism politics to garner votes.

If Narendra Modi is to return as prime minister of India, there’s ample evidence to believe; the nation is poised to be plunged into chaos with a complete collapse of democracy. India will be pushed to a civil-war-like crisis, fuelled by genocidal killings on the lines of religion, caste, creed and poverty. All this, while the majoritarian agenda of the BJP — and its parent organisation, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) — will realise its dream of seeing the nation turn into an autocratic Hindu state thus rendering the Constitution of India, which it has continuously stabbed and compromised, debased and obliterated beyond repair.

The great republic is in the throes of a debilitating cancer of hate and rage that’s spreading to all its vital organs as seamlessly as fake news and propaganda on WhatsApp and online portals to the hapless, misguided and poor. The tell-tale signs are clear: a brutal and virulent variant of fascism has taken root, which will leave the idea and soul of this nation of ours in a smouldering heap of hope and ash.

The climate of hate, which is encouraging depraved acts of lynching, brazen murders and atrocities against the minorities and marginalised, in the past five years, will give way to an endless apocalyptic napalm-infused storm which will render millions gutted, homeless and murdered in its wake. The BJP president’s cold-blooded declaration of wanting to build detention camps, which are a litany of gross abuse of human rights that it may as well be called concentration camps, is merely revealing “Amit tukde tukde Shah” for what he really is.

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