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Mockery Of Principles Of Democracy And Federalism: Asaduddin Owaisi Explains ‘One Nation, One Election’ Is A Terrible Idea

The AIMIM president said that simultaneous polls violate the basic structure of our Constitution.

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen president Asaduddin Owaisi took to Twitter on Thursday, June 20, to reiterate his and his party’s stance on that simultaneous elections. He wrote that such polls are “inconsistent with parliamentary democracy and federalism. Therefore, they violate the basic structure of our Constitution.”

Owaisi said that the underlying premise of “one nation, one election” is that one country, several elections is somehow harmful to India’s unity and integrity. “This isn’t the case: Article 1 of Constitution calls India a ‘Union of States”, recognising its diversity and pluralism,” he said, adding that the Supreme Court’s SR Bommai judgment had held that federalism was a basic structure of the Constitution and it could not be abridged.

Owaisi further said that each state’s distinct linguistic and regional identity is honoured through the VII Schedule of the Constitution. “To make government formation of one state contingent on the election schedule of another state makes a mockery of both principles of democracy and federalism,” he wrote.

Owaisi’s statement comes in light of Prime Minister Narendra Modi planning to set up a committee that would give suggestions on issues related to the “One Nation, One Election” proposal.

Most parties that attended the all-party meeting to discuss simultaneous polls extended support to the proposal of simultaneous polls, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said. “We had invited 40 political parties out of which presidents of 21 parties participated; three other parties sent their opinion on the subjects in writing,” Singh added.

Owaisi, attacking “One Nation, One Election” further, said that it seeks to “solve” is the Model Code of Conduct. “MCC does not prohibit anything that’s developmental or routine in nature. So, no developmental work has to stop at the Centre just because a few States are witnessing elections… his interference with the VII Schedule of the Constitution & violation of the principle of periodic (and scheduled elections) would be ultra vires the Constitution.”

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Communist Party of India too expressed their disagreement over the proposal. The “One Nation, One Election” proposal is fundamentally anti-federal and a “backdoor way of replacing our parliamentary democracy”, Yechury said.

Owaisi too said that  “One Nation, OneElection” would mean the destruction of regional parties. “Regional parties occupy an important space in our multiparty system, and they represent the distinct cultures and languages of many Indian states,” he wrote.

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