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‘Ballad of Pehlu Khan’: Aamir Aziz’s New Song Captures The Hate, Violence, Injustice of Mob Lynching 

‘Where only cattle had caretakers and only borders had guardians’.

Achhe Din Blues’ fame artist Aamir Aziz is back with a song called ‘Ballad of Pehlu Khan’, a soulful rendition of the state of Indian Muslims under the Narendra Modi-led BJP government.

The song tells the real-life horrific tale of 55-year-old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan who was lynched by a mob on April 1, 2017 in Rajasthan’s Alwar.

Set to somber music, the retells the cold, hard facts related to the case in an attempt to shock the viewer into silence and shame. The music video is interspersed with footage from the lynching incident as well as hateful remarks of BJP leaders indirectly promoting such crimes by condoning them.

The song also describes how the police report falsely claims that there was no eyewitnesses to corroborate Pehlu Khan’s accusations. It is a commentary on how the law has failed to secure justice for Pehlu, even though there is video evidence of the crime; how the state ‘where only cattle had caretakers and only borders had guardians’ cannot keep its own Muslim citizens safe.

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Earlier, a similar song by Aziz called ‘Achhe Din Blues‘ had sent shockwaves across the cyber sphere because of its straight forward narration of the living conditions of Indians under the Modi government.

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