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59% of BJP Supporters Say Job Opportunities in India Have Gotten Worse In Last 5 Years: Pew Research Center Survey

Of the total people surveyed, 76% say lack of employment opportunities is a big problem in the country.

Per a public opinion poll, Spring 2018 Global Attitudes Survey,  conducted by United States-based think tank Pew Research Center,  lack of employment opportunities emerged as the most important issue with 76% Indians saying it’s a big concern. Another top challenge for close to 73% Indians is inflation. 

Other top challenges include corruption, terrorism, crime, income inequality, poor quality of school education, the survey findings state.

About India’s challenges getting  better or worse in the last five years, a time period during most of which the Narendra Modi-led government has been in power at the centre, “there are few Indians who voice a positive judgment,” says the report.

67% adults say job opportunities have gotten worse in the last five years while, 65% say prices have gotten worse, 65% are of the opinion that corruption has worsened.

Similarly In cases of income gaps between rich and poor and condition of air quality, more than half the public thinks these things have gotten worse. And just 28% say communal relations have improved, while 45% say they have gotten worse.

Regardless of political affiliations, the Modi government’s performance on issues of unemployment, corruption and rising prices still fairs unsatisfactory, even though supporters of the Congress party are more likely to say that a particular situation has gotten worse in this time. 

59% of those who support the BJP said that job opportunities have gotten worse in the last five years. Congress supporters are 21% more likely to say that job opportunities have gotten worse. Similarly, 62% of BJP supporters say that the prices of goods and services have gotten worse over the last five years, while 70% of Congress supporters also air the same view.

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According to the survey, two-thirds of the public (64%) say most politicians are corrupt (including 43% who very intensely hold this view). Notably, nearly seven-in ten (69%) of both BJP supporters and Congress backers share the view that elected leaders are corrupt.

The study reconfirms the view that unemployment remains the primary issue in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, and that the Narendra Modi government’s failure to curb the rising unemployment rate is being felt by the public.

Pew Research Centre spoke to 2,521 Indian adults and conducted the survey in India from May 23 to July 23, 2018.

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