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Bruised After Unprecedented Switch Of Political Line, Karat Faction Tries To Retain Control, Faces Massive Pushback From The Ground.

The unprecedented reversing of the outgoing Central Committee’s political tactical line by the highest decision making body of the CPI(M) day before yesterday has hit the hardliners hard.

Hyderabad: The politburo meeting late last night in Hyderabad, on the penultimate day of the crucial 22nd Party Congress of the CPI(M) failed to arrive at a consensus on the composition of the new Central Committee and Politburo and is meeting again now to bridge the gap.

The unprecedented reversing of the outgoing Central Committee’s political tactical line by the highest decision making body of the CPI(M) day before yesterday has hit the hardliners hard.

The new line marks a major shift from the usually doctrinaire party and does not foreclose options on the political line which might be adopted by the CPI(M) for the next three years. This crucially means the 2019 Lok Sabha polls.

Consultations for the new Central Committee are on at Hyderabad.

Both the camps putting their best foot forward so that they can have the majority in the newly elected body. Prakash Karat, the former General Secretary, had to bite the dust in his and his group’s efforts to defeat Sitaram Yechury’s draft, after realising the implications of the defeat, now are making full efforts to see that the new Committee is packed with their persons so that it can continue to play a role when it comes to deciding the key issues in the coming three years.

All the way from the rejection of his draft at Kolkata Central committee, Yechury has been consistent in his appeal and hopes for a better outcome in the Congress. As he hoped, on high decibel discussion on political resolution, buckling under the pressure from the delegates, the steering committee, in which Karat camp had a majority, agreed to honour the sense of the house thereby conceded and back-tracked. Moving forward from this advantageous point, Yechury wants to consolidate his position in the new Central Committee which is crucial for the implementing the line adopted by the conference.

Interestingly the Organisational Report presented by the Central Committee states candidly that due to differences on the tactical line and implementation of the 21st Congress direction, the party work could not make an impact and the Party could not seize several opportunities to intervene. This is a clear admission and conceding of the fact that the central committee and Politburo that is going to be elected should be a cohesive body which can move as one entity. The same also was admitted by Brinda Karat, Politburo member, yesterday in her press conference in Hyderabad. Given the situation, it is imminent that most of those who are going to be parts of new Central committee should from be representative of those who accepted the so-called minority resolution, which is now the official political tactical line of the party.

But the subsequent moves by the Karat camp are aimed at again restricting the operational freedom of the General secretary-elect. Prior to the beginning of the Congress, mainstream media was abuzz with the reports about efforts to replace Yechury as General Secretary. The reason that was advanced is that the person whose opinion is at variance from that of the majority in the Central Committee can’t discharge the responsibility of implementing the political line. This is what in effect Prakash Karat also admitted as the reason for his presentation of draft political resolution. He said that had it decided the resolution to be presented led to the Congress by Sitaram Yechury, it would have been an injustice for them.

When applying the same principles, making an attempt to ensure the majority of the Central Committee composing from the sections whose political line is defeated and hence by logic they would not be in a position to represent and reflect the sense of the Party rank and file who fought for another political line in the Congress. Forgetting all the reasons and logic presented to name their way in the name of ‘Democratic Centralism’, the Prakash Karat camp is pushing hard to include it’s own members in considerable number if necessary by voting. This goes against the grain of their own arguments and also against any Democratic principles. How the delegates respond to these attempts to hijack the spirit of the Congress through the backdoor in the name of new Central Committee and the new Politburo is yet to be seen.

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