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Businessman Associated With Modi Getting All Your Personal Data From NaMo App

Personal information of users was being sent to a third party company.

At about 1 am on 24th March 2018, a cybersecurity expert who uses the moniker ‘Elliot Anderson‘ made a shocking revelation:


He found out that a company named CleverTap owns the website where this data is being sent. CleverTap had tried to be clever and ‘mask’ or hide their ownership of this website, but Anderson found it anyway.

Even more clever were some Twitter users who pointed out that the founder of CleverTap is closely associated with Narendra Modi. It seems like Modi ‘personally invited’ him on an official letterhead to be a part of the Swacch Bharat’ .’cause’.


Intriguingly, these tweets seem to have been deleted by Anand Jain now.

Anderson shared an interaction he had with the ‘Namo App’ team.


While at first glance the explanation provided by the app team seems fair enough, a deeper enquiry reveals otherwise.

First, the Namo App claims that they use CleverTap only as an analytical tool just like ‘GA’ which presumably is Google Analytics. As pointed out to us by Kiran Jonnalagadda (Co-Founder, Internet Freedom Foundation) Google Analytics explicitly forbids the collection of any personally identifiable information.

On the other hand, CleverTap seems to be happy to collect personally identifiable information.

Secondly, as pointed out by Anderson himself, nothing justifies the fact that the app did not seek consent from users before sending data to third parties. Anderson also pointed out that this conduct is in violation of European Laws.

In a tweet, Rahul Gandhi severely criticised Narendra Modi and accused the mainstream media for burying the story.



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