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So Many Houses Have Been Robbed; Somebody Lost Their Eid, Somebody Lost Their Diwali: Farah Naqvi

"To all the young people out there, no more of this hatred. Let’s end it," she says in this Karwan-e-Mohabbat video titled Qissa-e-Eid.

“I come from a family where back in the day, Chaudhary Charan Singh used to get Rakhis tied by my grandmother,” says writer and activist Farah Naqvi, as she begins to describe how her family celebrated Eid. 

Titled Qissa-e-Eid, the video is part of the Tathya series by Karwan-e-Mohabbat, a civil society initiative for peace and justice.

“My father tells me that Eid would only begin after Babu Mahavir Prasad Srivastava, a dear friend of my grandfather, would come in the morning and give Eidi to all the kids,” she says, explaining that her father would say “Eid ki ibteda Babuji ki Eidi se shuru hoti thi”. 

Then, Naqvi recalls the aftermath of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots. Dozens of people had lost their lives and tens of thousands were left displaced.

“I remember sitting in those camps with thousands of Muslims who had been displaced, driven out of their homes and I was talking to some young children and they told me, ‘Didi, we miss a lot about our village’,” she says. 

“One little girl told me, ‘ I miss the swing in our village.’ Another told me ‘I remember the pond in the village.’ Another girl was drawing something and I asked her what are you making? And she said, ‘I am drawing diyas. My friend and I used to light diyas on Diwali, I miss her a lot.'”

Naqvi reminds us of the cruel consequences of hate, “So many lives have been lost because of this hatred. So many houses have been robbed, somebody lost their Eid, and somebody lost their Diwali” and asks “For how long?” 

Naqvi concludes by asking young people to shun hatred. “To all the young people out there, no more of this hatred. Let’s end it.”

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