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Haryana: Farmers Being Cheated, Produce Regularly Under-Weighed

After 200 farmers got riled up and protested, authorities said they would investigate the matter.

The government shop set up in Jind, Haryana, to buy mustard seeds from farmers, has been accused of cheating them by under-weighing their harvest.

Haryana Savera Times reported that on Friday, farmers from Barsola village protested when they went to sell mustard seeds. Hafed’s (Haryana State Co-operative Supply and Marketing Federation Limited) manager Roshan Lal Goyal calmed the farmers down by reassuring them that the matter would be investigated.

As per the report, mustard is bought at the government’s prescribed rate of Rs 4,200 per quintal while private procurers pay Rs 3,700 to 3,800 per quintal. Different days are allotted to different villages to sell their harvest at the government shop.

Reportedly on Friday afternoon, while the produce of Barsola resident Rajesh was being weighed, he realised something was fishy. He said he brought around 100 quintals of seeds to be sold at the market. When half of it was done being weighed, Rajesh got suspicious that his harvest was being under-weighed.

When he questioned the people weighing the crop, he was allegedly beaten up. Subsequently, around 200 Barsola farmers, who had gone to the market to sell their crops, got riled up and protested.

Hafed’s manager Roshan Lal Goyal reportedly reached the spot to calm the situation. When Rajesh’s bags were weighed again in front of Goyal, mustard seeds worth 800gm to 3.5kg more were found to be inside them.

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Hafaed’s manager Roshan Lal Goyal told Haryana Savera Times, “Farmers alleged they were cheated of their crops. When investigated it was found that a few bags had 800gm to2.5kg more seeds. These mustard seeds were weighed with new equipment. The matter will be looked into. The people responsible for this malpractice will be investigated. Mustard seeds of other farmers were also weighed and they were found to be correctly weighed.”

Deputy commissioner Dr Aditya Dahiya told Haryana Savera Times, “Farmers brought the incident to light. It is a serious offence. Hafed’s manager has been asked to file a report on the incident soon. The report will be sent up the chain of command. If required the government will be asked to conduct a wider investigation.”

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