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From 2009-13, Fatal Hate Crimes In The Country Rise By More Than 2200 Per Cent In 2014-18; Most Crimes In U.P.

The increase in total hate crimes corresponding to the same period is 1054.5 per cent.

Fact-checking website has launched a new hate crime tracker and database called Hate Crime Watch. It lists hate crimes from 2009-2018 according to year, state, religion of victims, religion of perpetrators. Additionally, the tracker also provided the pretext of the crimes – cow-vigilantism, inter-faith relationships etc.

The data, compiled using 254 media reports, reveals serious a increase in hate crimes reported in the country since 2014.  Here are some key findings:

Between 2014-2018 (both inclusive), the number of hate crimes that took place is 232. Out of these, 67 crimes were fatal in nature. In comparison, in 2009-13 (both inclusive), a total of 22 hate crimes had taken place, with only 3 cases of fatal assault.

Compared to 2009-13, 20014-18 shows a massive 1054.5 per cent increase in cases of all hate crimes in the country. Corresponding to the same period, fatal hate crimes have risen by 2233.3 per cent.

54 out of 232 (23 per cent) of all hate crimes in 2014-18 took place in Uttar Pradesh, followed by Rajasthan and Karnataka with 20 crimes each. 18 crimes took place in Bihar, 15 in Jharkhand, 14 each in Gujarat and Haryana.

Hate crime, cow vigilante

Most of these crimes took place on the pretext of ‘cow-protection’. In 2014-18, 72 crimes, i.e., 31 per cent of the crimes took place because of this reason. Interfaith relationship was the reason for 14 per cent cases in the same period.

This is a significant finding considering that before 2014, ‘cow-protection’ was the reason behind only 3 cases – one in Madhya Pradesh in 2013, one in Punjab in 2012, and one in Himachal Pradesh in 2010.

In 74 per cent of the cases in 2014-18, an FIR has been registered. No FIR was registered in almost 10 per cent of the cases there is no information on the FIR for the remaining 18 per cent.

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Broadly, total 254 cases have been reported between 2009-2018. 62 per cent of the victims belonged to the Muslim community, 14 per cent belonged to the Christian community and 10 per cent were Hindus.

In 58 per cent of all the incidents, the perpetrator was a Hindu and in 32 per cent cases, the religion of the perpetrator was not known.

More than half of the these reported crimes have taken place under a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state government’s watch.

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