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“Hindus Are Victorious” Says Hindu Ekta Manch Leader Ankur Sharma On The Kathua Rape, Makes A Provocative Speech, Incites Violence. (See Video)

Ankur Sharma is the defence lawyer from Jammu spearheading the vicious campaign against the Muslim Gujjar and Bakerwal tribals after Kathua gang rape.

Ankur Sharma, the defence lawyer appearing for five out of the eight accused in Kathua rape case, has been at the forefront of the vicious campaign against the Muslim Gujjar and Bakerwal tribals across Jammu after the eight-year-old Bakerwal child was kidnapped, held in a Devasthan, gang-raped and subsequently strangulated to death at Rasana village in Kathua.

And once the J&K Police Crime branch picked up local Hindu men for the crime, the local Brahmins rallied together under the banner of Hindu Ekta Manch to support the accused. Ankur Sharma represents four main accused in the rape and murder case.

According to the J&K Police’s charge sheet, the motive of the accused of the rape and murder of the eight-year-old child was to force the tiny Muslim Bakerwal community to flee the area. When the main accused Sanji Ram decided to surrender before the J&K Police, Ankur Sharma accompanied him as his lawyer.

Ankur Shamra has been actively involved with the Hindu Ekta Manch and here is the text of a hate speech he gave while addressing a rally of the Hindu Ekta Manch in Kathua district last month:


“This incident (gangrape and murder of the 8-year-old Muslim nomad child) has turned into a trigger and you (Hindus) are victorious as Professor Sahib had mentioned in the beginning. Kashmiris…. people of Kashmir have turned insane. Their journalists are calling me….. those who are in Kashmir …. or those with that outlook who are stationed in Kashmir. From Delhi also, two journalists who push forward their mindset, their ideology visited me. There was a worry on their faces and I was amazed to see that.

The reason for their worry was that so many people here are united as one. It is essential that the anti-national forces are worried. You have proven that by constituting such a Manch (Hindu Ekta Manch).. you Dogras of Jammu, especially the people of Hiranagar, the people from around this place have become the torchbearers … the way one walks ahead with a torch …you are the people who show the path to others (in Jammu). It is my request to you that you should further strengthen this Hindu Ekta Manch and strengthen these meetings and rallies.

Rasana incident has taken place. You people will push more and step up your agitation for CBI enquiry. We will ensure it is done. But even once the CBI enquiry is done, this Manch should not be dissolved.

This Manch is the Manch which is necessary for our survival … it is a Manch that fulfills the requirement for our existence and if this Manch ends, the Kashmiris are already annoyed with us and they have already bought our leaders whom we accused as being sold out or dishonest.

They will destroy us (Hindus). They have hatched a conspiracy against us.

Ten years ago, they introduced a law …. they made this law with two-third majority in the assembly and our own MLAs also voted for this law… what is the law?- the law is that whosoever has occupied government land will become its owner by paying a nominal fee.

I went to a place where Gujjars had some fight with local people living nearby. One of the Gujjars was sitting with his hands holding his head and saying that they were better living in Punjab, earning a livelihood and there was no fight with anybody. A brother of Ghulam Nabi Azad came and asked them to come to Jammu and Kashmir, asked them to come to Kathua, Samba, Vijayapur and Jammu promising them they will be given lands along with its ownership. They brought Muslims, passed their files and gave them the government land and settled them here.

…Mehbooba Iqbal came as Deputy Commissioner and he settled Gujjars in Kathua.. Zahida Parveen Khan came and she settled Gujjars here. How did all this happen? The enacted a law in the Assembly. Our officers were helpless once this law was enacted. Our people too were cultivating on government lands, they were also occupying government lands, but their cases were not cleared. If a hundred filed applications, only those were cleared who were MLAs, MPs or ministers around that time. Everybody knows whose files were cleared, who were those people. One file from our 100 files was given clearance and each one of their 100 files was cleared. They (Muslim Gujjars and Bakerwals) came from outside and occupied our land…Our lands were given to them.

We have to take a pledge here, it should also be the agenda of this (Hindu Ekta) Manch that we ensure that we will not sell our land to any outsiders. This is extremely necessary. I am saying this because they are doing demographic change…and what are the ways and means to manage demographic change they have occupied the Legislative Assembly? When this Rasana incident (gangrape and murder of an eight-year-old) took place ….. they are very few people (Muslim Gujjars and Bakerwals) but where did their voice echo from… their voice echoed in the Legislative Assembly.

Once their voice echoed in Assembly, orders started to come from the top. SSP is on their side, DC is on their side, the police are also with them. And we are at the receiving end. We face lathis and are beaten up even when the guilty is the other side (Muslim Gujjar and Bakerwal). They occupy our land and if we object and there is some fight, the government machinery is on their side. This way, this organised way, they are running it.

In this connection, you also need to think and the first thing you must decide that you will not sell your lands to them. Secondly, each of those things that strengthen their community (Muslim Gujjars and Bakerwals), whether it is trade with them, or purchasing milk from them or selling them fodder.

You must stop each one of those things that makes them financially strong and helps them earn money, you must stop all those things… we have to do this because they are hatching conspiracies against us.

We never believe in chocking anyone’s livelihood but how can we stay silent when it a question of our very existence…

When we know that the person (Muslim) in front of us is our enemy who is using all the resources to strengthen himself so that they can wipe us out. Should we stay silent even in that situation? Do we not remember Lord Krishna… shouldn’t we be ready to pick up arms for this…

Have we forgotten our history…..Mahabharat. Is it wrong to fight against adharam?

But first we need to create awareness, it is important to create awakening. This is the responsibility of the Manch to create mass awakening that their survival, our life here, our existence is under threat.

This threat, however, is not so severe that we won’t be able to fight it if we are united. The effort should be … there are people from several villages around who have come here, people from this constituency have come here … the endeavor should be that you become leaders of your own villages and explain to the villagers what problem are we facing…

They (Muslims) have created the Rasana incident (the gang rape and murder of the eight-year-old) and what are they using it to make us feel? They want to make us feel that we are weak. They want to show you that even as their (Muslim) few people are living here and if anything against them, anything negative, then you see what happens with you. They want to make you feel this powerlessness that is why they are hatching all this conspiracy… by picking up someone from Hiranagar, imposing section 144 CrPC, stopping people from resorting to lathi-charge. How can this government carry out an impartial probe?

Nobody is investigating this in a proper way. There is only this effort of all these people (Muslims) who are settled here, in Kashmir or outside that if you do anything against them or spoke anything against them, then see what will happen to you. They want you to feel inferior… they want you to have a feeling of inferiority. You have to rise above this feeling. And you have stood up against those making you feel inferior and it is a welcome development but you shouldn’t allow this struggle to end. I won’t speak more but I will end again with this pledge that we will not sell them our lands and we will not do anything that will make them financially strong … we will not them become financially strong…”

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