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‘I Stand By Every Word’: Woman Who Accused Rahul Easwar of Sexual Misconduct

The anonymous woman wrote another post after Easwar’s family, led by his grandmother, tried to defend him.

The anonymous woman who had accused Rahul Easwar of sexual misconduct said on Friday that she stands by “every word”. Her follow-up comes in the aftermath of Easwar and his family addressing a press conference on Tuesday.

The Accusation

On October 29, the survivor wrote a detailed account — shared by the Facebook account Inji Pennu — of how Easwar tried to misbehave with her after inviting her to his home when she was a 18 years old, back in 2003-04. She said that in order to not raise any suspicion, Easwar said that his mother would also be at home and they could all discuss “progressive politics.”

However, she felt wary when she realized upon reaching his home that his mother was not present.

“When I entered his flat, I got the wind that his mother was not there. I started to get a little scared. I was very young and naive,” she said in her post. “He said, his mother just left and will be back. So I sat down as he invited me. He had put on some movie which was soft porn. I started to feel very uneasy. Then he started to give me a tour of his flat. He showed a room and said that is his bedroom. Then he initiated to touch me and kiss me.”

Easwar’s Family Comes to His Defence

It did not take long for Easwar to muster a rebuttal, which came in the form of a press conference addressed by his wife, his mother, and also his grandmother.

Easwar’s 83-year-old grandmother Devaki Antharjanam said that he is being picked on because he is an Ayyappa devotee and that these allegations have come up to thwart Easwar’s goal of helping the Hindu cause. “It is unfortunate that he is being insulted for actively intervening in issues connected with Sabarimala and other Hindu temples,” she said.

Making shoddy attempts at refuting allegations of sexual misconduct with explanations that offer little or no sense is hardly uncommon. Easwar’s family trying to correlate his name cropping up as a sexual predator with the Sabarimala issue, however, is taking things too far. The Sabarimala temple issue is a recent flare-up, while the allegations against Easwar go back more than a decade. A lack of connection between both matters is obvious. What makes his case look weaker still is that he had to bring in his family, including an aged grandmother, to make his case for him.


As Easwar attempted to restore his credibility, the survivor shared another post on November 2, in which she requested those criticizing her to not side-step on the matter, adding that the problem needed to be addressed so that other women could be inspired to share their own ordeal.

“I would like to inform my women friends, whose public posts I have been reading on social media, that it is very hurtful that you disrespect my story and have turned this into a frenzy where Rahul Easwar is not held accountable and in turn women are held accountable,” she said. “I am forced to put this statement again because if there are other women with similar stories against men in power, they should be able to speak of it.” 

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