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Amid Hyper-Nationalism and Chest Thumping, Social Media Users Advocate Peace With #SayNoToWar

“As an army officer's daughter whose father saw action thrice and was on the front 18 years, including as a CO, I appeal for peace," said one Twitterati.

In the cacophony of hyper nationalism and bigotry, there are some who have been able to remain balanced and are promoting peace on social media. Hashtags like #SayNoToWar,  #WeAreOne and #MakePeaceNotWar have been trending on social media, pleading for listening to the voice of reason and not get swayed by the tide of hyper nationalistic fervour.

Speaking out against war and in an effort to diffuse the growing tensions between both countries, one user Kabir tweeted, “Pakistan should send back commander Abhinandan and India should take back its troops from Kashmir. Start a dialogue and solve Kashmir dispute forever which is the root cause of this confrontation. All international laws and conventions have suggested this long back. #SayNoToWar.”

TV presenter Raunak Kapoor wrote,  “We are on the brink of a war that nobody in their right mind in either Pakistan or India want. Imran Khan’s words should be welcomed. Encourage dialogue, commit to deescalation. Anyone who thinks otherwise should for a moment swap places with Abhinandan & his family #SayNoToWar

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Academician and activist Nandini Sundar sees the developing tensions between the two countries as an election ploy. She appealed, “#SayNoToWar  – NO, NO & NO. And NO to BJP and RSS using the bodies of our soldiers for their own political gains. And NO to treating Kashmir as just a bone between two dogs – the people of Kashmir matter too. YES to peace and lasting solutions.”

Haroon, a Pakistani musician, wrote that the soldiers leading the war may not live to celebrate victory. He said, “Those who celebrate war will not participate in the war, those who participate in the war, will never celebrate war. #SayNoToWar

People have been creative disseminating their message. A cartoon by Pakistani illustrator Marria Khan where Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan is seen having tea, was an instant hit.



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Author Fathima Bhutto appealed to the Pakistani PM to release Indian Air Force officer Abhinandan. “I and many other young Pakistanis have called upon our country to release the captured Indian pilot as a gesture of our commitment to peace, humanity and dignity,” she wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times.

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An Indian Twitter user, Smita Gupta, said, “As an army officer’s daughter whose father saw action thrice and was on the front 18 years, including as a CO, I appeal for peace. #SayNoToWar

Political strategist Prashant Kishore also came forward  and tweeted that taking pacifist stands must not be mistaken for cowardise. He said, “#SayNoToWar is not cowardice. The father of the nation was opposed to any war and he certainly was no coward. In fact he was one of the bravest that humanity has ever seen. Social media jingoism and mindless warmongering should not be mistaken for bravery!!”

Sahir Ludhianvi, eminent poet and lyricist, wrote decades ago:

Aye Shareef Insaano…

Khoon Apna Ho Ya Paraya Ho
Nasl E Adam Ka Khoon Hai Akhir

Jang Mashrik Me Ho Ke Magrib Me Ho
Aman E Alam Ka Khoon Hai Akhir

Bomb Gharo Me Gire Ke Sarhad Pe
Rooh E Tameer Zakhm Khati Hai

Khet Apne Jale Ke Auro Ke
Zeest Faaqo Se Tilmilaati Hai

Tank Aage Badhe Ke Peeche Hate
Khokh Dharti Ki Baanjh Hoti Hai

Fateh Ka Jash Ho Ya Haar Ka Sog
Zindagi Mayyato Pe Roti Hai

Jang To Khud Hi Ek Masla Hai
Jang Kya Maslo Ka Hal Degi

Aag Aur Khoon Aaj Bakhseg
Bhook Aur Ahtiyaaj Kal Degi

Isliye Aye Shareef Insaano
Jang Talti Rahe To Behtar Hai

Aap Aur Ham Sabhi Ke Aangan Me
Shamma Jalti Rahe To Bahtar Hai

अब आप न्यूज़ सेंट्रल 24x7 को हिंदी में पढ़ सकते हैं।यहाँ क्लिक करें