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Street Performance Depicting ISIS Sex-slavery Used to Target Muslim Community

The video posted on Twitter is a mock video of a ISIS sex slave auction, which was performed by a Kurdish group in London in 2014 in protest against ISIS.

औरत को आसमानी ज्ञान वाले लोग कितना सम्मान देते है इस वीडियो से पता चल जाता है, जैसे सब्जी मंडी में सब्जियों की बोली लगाई जाती है वैसा ही शांतिदूत लोग करते हैं (How those who have knowledge of the heavens respect women can be known through this video, just how vegetables are auctioned at the market, thats how the peacefuls do it- translation).

The above message has been posted on Twitter, along with a video in which a man is seen speaking into a microphone in Arabic. In the video, some women in burqa and chained together, can be seen. The video has subtitles which read,

“We have Yezidi women, we have Kurdish women, and we have Christians. get what your right hand possesses, come get your Mulk-al-yamin (slave). Get yourself a sex slave. Our brave fighters, our brave Islamic State fighters have gone into these areas and killed their murtadin (infidel) scum. So you can have their women today. Takbir, Takbir, Takbir (Allah is great)…”

After this, the auction of the women begins, and the people gathered there can be heard quoting a price for ‘Aisha, 13 years old fresh from Kobane’. This is followed by the auction of more women. The entire video is 2:20 minutes long.

The video has been posted with a sarcastic message taking a jibe at Muslims, referring to them as shantidoot log (peacefuls). The tweet is of July 22.


To find out more about the video, Alt News used specific key words and came across an article by BBC News dated October 20, 2014. The article was titled, The mock Islamic State slave auction in London’, and contained a 16 second clip of the same video which has been posted on Twitter. 

The video was shot at Leicester square in London. The article states,

“The savvy social media campaign against Islamic State by Kurdish activists continues – with a video of a mock “Islamic State sex slave market” in the heart of London watched more than quarter of a million times on YouTube.

The video shows the group’s supposed ringleader bellowing into a microphone. Behind him stand a group of women – all of them actors – fully covered and chained together. “We have four women for you here today,” the man announces, “and we are here to sell them courtesy of the Islamic State.”

Shot on 14 October, the stunt was organised by Compassion 4 Kurdistan, a group of Kurdish diaspora trying to raise awareness if IS’s alleged actions in Iraq. It has now been viewed more than 250,000 times on YouTube. On the same night, the group performed the scene outside Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament as well.”

The video represents a mock sex slave auction performed by Kurdish protesters in 2014. It sought to bring to light the atrocities committed by Islamic State fighters in Iraq, when the terror organisation was then at its zenith, having captured vast swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria. It may be noted that this is a mock video. The original video of the performance, posted on YouTube, is no longer available.


Abduction and enslavement of women under ISIS is no secret, and was in fact admitted by the organisation itself. According to CNN, ISIS in its English language publication Dabiq, in an article titled, ‘The revival of slavery before the Hour’ had justified enslavement of ‘infidel’ women, citing Islamic law. The same was reported by The New York Times. Several reports have documented the horror stories of women abducted by ISIS fighters and forced to be slaves. This was also confirmed by the United Nations in a report of 2014, adding that Yazidis were targeted the most.

In conclusion, it may be noted that the video posted on Twitter is a mock video of a ISIS sex slave auction, which was performed by a Kurdish group in London in 2014 in protest against ISIS.

This article was first published at Alt News. 

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