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Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan: A New Embracer of Hindutva

He broke new ground with the BJP.

At present, several interesting developments are taking place in the political canvass of Telangana. To the country’s surprise, arch rivals TDP and Congress joined hands to oust TRS, BJP’s friend in guise. Following this development, YSRCP followers in Hyderabad’s high rise habitat Kukatpally openly advocated support for TRS in the upcoming elections as the state is going for polls on December 7. YSRCP and Jana Sena did not openly reveal their strategy for the polls.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan broke new ground with the BJP. Rather it would be appropriate to say that in Pavan Kalyan, the Hindutva found a new embracer. Few days ago, he admitted that there are limitations when it comes to aligning with a national party. According to Andhra Joythi, a leading Telugu newspaper, Pavan Kalyan suggested the audience that they should object if Jana Sena merges with BJP. To the surprise of political observers, he also stated that as Congress and BJP are the only leading national parties, regional parties should ally with any one out of the two. Further, he hinted that he should not be blamed if he decides to align with the BJP in the next general elections.

Pawan Kalyan’s embracement of Hindutva came out in the open when he addressed a gathering organised by Brahmin community. A public meeting was held in Rajamundry on Sunday. He revealed, perhaps for the first time, that he was trained in Kriya Yoga by a mutt in Tirupati. He took on the leading political entities for their minority appeasement. He riled against them by questioning, “Is this only the duty of BJP or Hindu Mahasabha (to protect the interests of Hindus?). Is it not the right of TDP to take up these issue or YSRCP or Congress. Why are they silent? Are they afraid of loosing certain share of vote?” None should harbour any doubts about the fact that he is referring to the minority appeasement of TDP and YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh. He also asked the Brahmin community to fight to protect their dignity.

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan
Pawan Kalyan (Photo: Twitter/@Saisatish9999)

His warnings echoed hardcore BJP/Sangh Parivar leaders as he emphasized that if “this is the situation”, the country will plunge into serious crisis. He openly advocated the cause of building a temple at Ayodhya. In his own words, “BJP is none other than a regular political party. They don’t stand for Hindutva. Opportunist politicians. If Ram Temple is necessary let them construct it. But they won’t do that. They keeps on promising but will ensure that it won’t be realised. Why are they playing with emotions? If they are concerned with Hindus, why they allowed small states? why they vouch for small states? Who are they to represent hindutva? Are they had monopoly over it?”

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