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There is a Strong Patriarchal Dimension to The Hate Now Being Spawned in Indian Society: Jayati Ghosh (Watch)

“This is an ideology that is deeply anti-women, that seeks to suppress, subjugate and repress women.”

Eminent academic Jayati Ghosh said that the hatred among different religions and caste that are being injected into the Indian society, are deep-seated in patriarchy. “Because so much of the hatred that is now being spawned in our society is associated with religion, with communities, and to some extent with caste, we forget that there is also a very strong patriarchal dimension to this,” she said.

Ghosh spoke as a part of a a video series “Tathya” by  Karwan-e-Mohabbat — a civil society initiative for peace and justice led by of activists, writers and journalists.

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“This is an ideology that is deeply anti-women, that seek to suppress, subjugate and repress women, and that uses so-called tradition and culture and all of that to do so,” she added.

Prof. Ghosh, a developmental economist who teaches at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, further said, “As long as we persist in creating these binaries across religion, and allowing the most extreme and aggressive forms of any religion, to dominate simply because the other is present as well, we add to the deep gender inequity. We add to the subordination of women, and we add to this strong patriarchy, that is fundamentally destructive of any egalitarian society.”

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