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Sidda’s Soc Med Team Devouring BJP For Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Siddaramaiah's tongue-and-cheek tweets against Yeddyurappa, Modi, and Amit Shah haven't gone unnoticed.

The war of words has been taut between Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) ahead of the Karnataka Assembly polls. If words are taken into consideration, one might not look towards BJP, especially after its chief ministerial candidate, BS Yeddyurappa made an attack on voters on Saturday while campaigning. “Tie-up” the hands and legs of non-voters and bring them to the polling booth to vote, he said in Belgavi. This was quite a violent remark to persuade people to vote for BJP. Congress chief ministerial candidate and incumbent CM Siddaramariah’s tweets, on the other hand, reflect persistence and rigorous fact-checking on every comment made by the BJP.

The social media cells of both Siddaramariah and Bharatiya Janata Party @BJP4Karnataka, has slung mud on each other on almost every remark made in a rally. Corruption, caste, farmers and the Lingayats minority status issue were all battled-out publicly on Twitter.

On Yeddyurappa’s remarks in Belgavi, Siddaramaiah tweeted on Saturday: “Dear @BSYBJP,  Our strength at @INCKarnataka lies in our unity & it has been proven time and again. This must be hard for you to fathom especially when you are being shunned by your own colleagues. Your innings with Eshwarappa is as interesting as today’s #CSKvRCB.”

Siddaramariah’s tongue-and-cheek tweets has made BJP look like a party which has just begun its career in politics, as compared to its image in the northern states where the party is considered enormous.

Here are some of Siddaramaiah’s best tweets:

1) On BJP bringing Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath as its star campaigner, he said: “The BJP in Karnataka waiting for north Indian imports is admitting they have no state leaders. They’ve reduced their CM-face BSY to a dummy.”

2) While using corruption as a weapon against the Congress government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi overlooked BJP’s fielding of the tainted Reddy Brothers from Bellary.

Siddaramaiah tweeted: “I’m glad PM is talking about corruption. I invite him to walk the talk. For a start can you: 1. Appoint Lokpal 2. Investigate Judge Loya’s death 3. Investigate the astronomical rise of Jay Shah 4. Appoint an untainted person as your CM candidate?”

On Saturday, speaking at a rally in Shivamogga, the Prime Minister had said, “Spreading lies has become a business for the Congress. Wherever they go, they spread lies among people. There is no difference between the ‘C’ of Congress and ‘C’ of Corruption.”

3) The Janata Dal Secular [JD(S)] has refuted allegations of any alignment with the BJP. Siddaramariah, however, pointed out their connection with the BJP.  He tweeted: “I have all the details… Kumaraswamy travelling with Shah in a private flight… their secret talks. I can release photographs… at an appropriate time.”

4) On Yeddyurappa saying that the Congress party is known for its dynastic politics only, Siddaramariah said, “Yeddyurappa’s son BY Raghavendra was elected to Parliament and the assembly in the past. Whose son is Raghavendra? Is he not Yeddyurappa’s son? Shouldn’t we call it dynastic politics? These people (BJP) are fooling everyone.”

5) When Amit Shah attacked Siddaramariah on the Lingayat minority status issue saying United Progressive Alliance (UPA) had earlier rejected (similar) recommendation in 2013. “The decision now has been taken only to stop Yeddyurappa from becoming the chief minister,” he had said.

Siddaramaiah did not let this go unanswered, “Not an election issue… I am neither a hero nor a zero in the religious tag for Lingayat issue. There was a demand for separate religious status and the recommendation has been sent to the Centre.”

6) When Amit Shah alleged, more than 3,500 farmers have committed suicide over the last four years, but Siddaramaiah has termed it a conspiracy.

Siddaramaiah retorted back saying, “Central ministers come here to ridicule our loan waiver to 22.5 lakh farmers. BSY says he does not have a note printing machine to waive loans. Yet public sector banks have waived Rs 2.7 lakh cr of corporate loans. Why does Modi government favour a few corporate houses over millions of farmers?”

7) Siddaramaiah also took on Adityanath, “I welcome Yogi Adityanath to our State. There’s a lot you can learn from us, sir. Please visit an Indira canteen & a ration shop. It’ll help you address starvation deaths… reported from your state.”

He said, “If Yogi Adityanath comes here, it will be a minus point for BJP. In UP he’s failed miserably. In his own constituency, BJP was defeated…”

Pre-poll surveys

Karnataka pre-poll survey suggests a close fight between Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress, JD(S) too, has manifold chances of winning as a hung-assembly has been projected in many surveys. If there is a hung-assembly, JD(S) may align with BJP, or it may join hands with the Congress. Caste, corruption, farmers, water, and the Lingayats minority status issue will be the deciding factors this time for the May 12 polls.

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