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Farmers’ Protest: Rahul Gandhi Says Farmers Pay Insurance Premium And Money Goes To Ambani’s Pocket

The Congress president also said that if needed, the laws would be changed and that ‘no one person’ ran the country.

Lending his support to farmers’ march in New Delhi at Parliament Street on Friday, November 30, Congress president Rahul Gandhi slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government for its continued negligence towards the farmers’ continued problems.

Addressing the crowd, Gandhi said India was currently facing two big issues— farmers’ future and youth employment. Adding, the fight was for both, he noted, “In the last four-and-a-half years, BJP has spent Rs 5.5 lakh crore on defaulters. In the coming year, they will spend 12 lakh crore. If these can be paid, then the farmer’s loan should definitely be paid.”

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Continuing, he emphasised that farmers were not begging but were asking for their right. “Farmers are not begging. They are asking for their right. Farmers pay an insurance premium. And the money goes to Ambani’s pocket,” Gandhi said. He underlined that the BJP had divided areas so as to benefit both Ambani and Adani. “They’ve divided areas. Somewhere Adani earns. Somewhere Ambani (does). We’re not asking for a jet plane. We are demanding farmers loans be paid off,” he added.

Asserting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could not silence the voice of the youth or the problems, Gandhi also bitingly remarked that although it was “Modi’s mouth”, voices emerging from it belonged to the “15 richest people in India”. “I say to Narendra Modi: If we have to change the law, the CM or PM, we will. We will make sure the future of farmer is secure. You can’t silence India’s farmers and youth. It’s Modi’s mouth. But the voice belongs to the 15 richest. Like Anil Ambani.”

Finally, reiterating his promise that his party would remove any government which worked against farmers’ interests, Gandhi concluded, “We are with farmers. You tell us what to do. We will change laws of we have to. No one man runs this country. You all do.”

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