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Calcutta Times Editor Satadru Ojha Relieved Of His Current Duties After Sexual Harassment Allegations

One survivor alleged that Ojha had even threatened to abduct and rape her.

Calcutta Times editor Satadru Ojha, who was accused of sexual harassment by two former Times of India employees, is reportedly “being relieved of his current duties and relocated to a different role and city to facilitate an unbiased investigation.”

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On October 8, Nasreen Khan claimed Ojha had sexually harassed her between 2013 and 2015 when she used to work at The Times of India’s supplement newspaper. “Ojha had earlier called me up several times while I was home to say how I could enjoy extra days off to spend time with my kid if only I knew “how to play my cards well”.. On one particular occasion when I was home nursing my sick child he called again with the same sweet temptation. I lost my cool and shouted at him to never call me and to communicate with me either via SMS or emails only.”

“This man then stopped taking all my stories and assigned my ideas to others. Multiple page one stories of mine were done by other journalists. I had written proof of all this. In the meanwhile others from different departments within TOI, Kolkata started sharing their ordeal with me,” Khan said.

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After much consideration, the woman decided to file a complaint with the HR department. “The all India HR head Siddhartha Ganguly who flew down to Kolkata to meet me not only admitted that he’s aware of what’s happening and that the errant editor was under therapy to stop such behaviour, he asked me to withdraw my complaint. He said it would serve no purpose to bang my head against the wall. He then went ahead to subtly hint at my marital status with a clear intention to shame me. Next, the then head of the TIMS group, Priya Gupta flew down to meet everyone and much to my shock and bewilderment told me that “The boss is like a husband and I must learn to adjust”.

“What followed next was even more bizarre. In the middle of the night I got a call that threatened me with abduction and rape!” When the sexual harassment committee dismissed her complaint, she approached the police. However, the case was dismissed again, she said.

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Amita Ghose, a former reporter at Calcutta Times on Tuesday, wrote in a Facebook post, “I think can go on for about 4 lakhs words to explain how I felt, what I actually went through, how horrid it was to face abuse, attempt to physical assault by the other women in the presence of the so-called editor in his cabin itself, how it felt to be treated like a furniture in office for long six months, how hard it was to remain unemployed for 8 months, how terrible it was to face the passionate journalist just turned into a sleeping pill addict every morning in the mirror – but I think I should not,” Ghose wrote in a long FB post detailing her ordeal.

“I would often be complimented on my dress, red lipstick, hair cut and looks. I again avoided him (here and further him would mean Mr Ojha only) and kept on doing that. But even that didn’t help. The next thing I was asked by my manager in his cabin on a working day during working hours was ‘So, mod tod khao to?’ (Do you drink alcohol?) I replied saying, “I have given up on it. Don’t wish to continue” and left. Then comes another day when he wishes to take me out on a drink! I said I had work and avoided again,” she added.

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Following the accusations, Ojha took to Twitter on Tuesday and said both the allegations were not proven against him after an internal investigation.

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