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#MeToo: Author Ira Trivedi Accuses Chetan Bhagat And Suhel Seth Of Sexual Harassment 

Both Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth have been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.

Author and journalist Ira Trivedi on Saturday accused Chetan Bhagat and Suhel Seth of sexually harassing her almost a decade ago. Both of them have been called out by multiple women.

In an Outlook India article, Trivedi revealed that she met Bhagat nearly 10 years ago at the Jaipur Literature Festival. She said Bhagat asked her what she would do if a man made a pass at her at a book launch. To this, a 22-year-old Trivedi had said, “I tell him that if he buys a 100 books I will kiss him, and if he buys all my books I will marry him.”

A few weeks later, Bhagat invited her to tea at the India International Centre, where he forcibly tried to kiss her. “After our tea, he asked me to come up to his room on the pretext of giving me a signed copy of his book. As soon as I entered his room, he made a pass at me: I ducked as he tried to plant a kiss on my lips and then I laughed, because I didn’t know what else to do, or how to respond,” Trivedi wrote. When she asked him what was he trying to do, Bhagat told her “without hesitation and almost with an air of entitlement, that he had bought a hundred copies of my books and donated them to a library in Pune, so a kiss was his prerogative.”

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Trivedi also narrated her friend’s encounter with Bhagat which left her furious. “Chetan met up with a friend of mine when they were both abroad. On a moving bus, he groped her and then made several inappropriate passes physically and verbally,” she wrote.

When Trivedi confronted Bhagat, he denied the allegations saying that her friend had a “bad reputation”.

In the same article, Trivedi also accused Seth of sexual misconduct with several women. “Once he commented on the size of my breasts, saying that I shouldn’t wear a bra, another time he asked me if I had waxed my legs or not, and once at another literature festival under the effect of alcohol, he made several throwaway comments about my “sexy yoga poses” on TV,” Trivedi wrote.

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She added, “Intoxicated, Suhel also became too familiar with me and other women – putting his arms around our waists at parties, holding us a second longer than necessary after a self-imposed hug, planting one on our cheeks or lips when you least expected it.”

Earlier, journalist Anushree Majumdar and another women spoke about Bhagat’s “creepy behaviour”. Seth has also been accused by at least four women of sexual misconduct, who called him a ‘habitual predator’.


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