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Modi Ji Is Not Alone. He Has A ‘Baraat’ Of 40 Parties. He Gives No Respect To These 40 Parties And Tries To Portray That He Is Walking Alone.

Interview With Tejashwi Yadav, Former Deputy C.M. Bihar And Youngest Leader Of Opposition In India

NC24x7: There are rumours that Nitish wants to join hands with you once again.

Tejashwi: I have repeated this from many platforms; the doors of the Mahagatbandhan are closed for Nitish Ji. A person who formed four governments in four years, each time he cheated the mandate and one who is himself involved in corruption cases, many criminal cases, he himself has got punished by courts, there is a Rs 20,000 fine in Patiala House court (in Delhi) for the theft of a book and with reference to a JNU student. 

The doors of the Mahagatbandhan are closed for Nitish Ji.

Dozens of Scams like the Srijan Scam have occurred in Bihar after the BJP was sneaked in through the backdoor (chor darwaza). And it’s a habit with him time and time again to keep somersaulting. So he has no credibility. Tomorrow, even if we accept him in our fold, then no one guarantees whether he will stay or whether after winning seats he will shift somewhere else. In my opinion, he has no ideology.

Sometimes he likes the RSS, sometimes he doesn’t. 

Two lakh swords were distributed online and he could not take any action. The spirit of brotherhood and amity has been broken in Bihar-such things have never happened here, we have never compromised with communal forces and will not, ever. Lalu ji has never, to date joined hands with the BJP. So if you see his ideology and his battle of ideas you see Lalu Ji has always been against the RSS and Manuvadis. But Nitish Kumar shifts everywhere. Such people who deceive, deserve to be called Cheat Minister and not Chief Minister; The Vikas car is parked where it was in 2012 and is just not moving ahead. Why would we want to lose by associating ourselves with such people?

Today he is being called Paltu, if we join him, tomorrow, we will also be called the same. The people of Bihar want that doors are shut for Nitish Kumar. Therefore we will listen to people.

NC24x7: How is Lalu Prasad’s absence playing out in Bihar and outside?

Tejashwi: There is anger and that anger was visible even in the by-elections. We did a massive rally where lakhs of people came. Patna was choc-a-block and there was anger in people regarding this issue and other issues too. But I have said earlier too that Lalu ji is an ideology. So many troubles came his way, people kept speculating, that he will retreat, go back and never return but he returns with more vigour each time, fights back and defeats (forces inimical to him).

Nitish Kumar is a Cheat Minister; not a Chief Minister.

So Lalu ji may be anywhere but those who like him, those who stand by his ideology, who believe in Lalu-waad they are united and stand by him and our party is stronger than ever. Also, we have the good wishes of people. People understand that he has been wronged and from the start, Lalu ji has been given a bad name as he is the victim of political vendetta by Nitish Kumar ji and the BJP. All cases against him are the result of a conspiracy. Bihar has such scams where the Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi, the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar are directly involved and there is proof of that. Lalu ji was a whistleblower in the Fodder scam cases. The FIR took place only after Lalu ji directed it.

And here, a scam has been going on for so long, with a direct link to Nitish Kumar ji, Sushil Modi ji, but there is no action.  So if Lalu ji was with BJP he would have been called Raja Harishchandra and Nitish ji has gone there only because of that fear and that greed.

NC24x7: What issues will 2019 be fought on?

Tejashwi: See, Bihar has its own issues, of Bihar’s special status, of the poor, the unemployed, farmers and of work, that has come to a complete standstill. Prices are so high, wherever you go here you will find that people are angry, even government servants are angry as they are also not getting wages on time. There are no teachers, nurses, doctors. Everywhere there is a shortage.

Also, people in Bihar have always been secular and communalism has had to lose here. You know what kind of forces are these that in the name of religion and caste are trying to divide people. Bihar’s people are politically astute and understand everything.

See Nitish ji too- he formed four governments in four years, there is no force with whom he has not tied up. The coalitions have lasted for one year each. He sometimes removes Manjhi ji, then runs away from the BJP. Now he is disillusioned with BJP, so now there is the talk of him coming to Congress and the Mahagatbandhan. So people of Bihar are now tired of these games.

People of Bihar want to see work now and improve their economic situation, their social condition and want to come into the mainstream. They want Bihar to be a state which has progressed. There is no industry here, you look around, tyranny on the poor is at its peak. A maximum number of those jailed under Prohibition Laws are the poor. All these things are there and the people of Bihar are watching. There are many issues and in my view, this is why they lost so badly and so often in the by-elections.

NC24x7: You have emerged as a big leader in the scheme of things now, how do you look at prospects in the coming year?

Tejashwi: My aim is not to fulfil some personal targets now, one can reach any heights with the blessings of the public, but my main responsibility now is to ensure that the ‘Nagpuriya Kanoon’ Writ of Nagpur (RSS diktats) which is a threat to our Constitution need is fought and defeated. Some people in the country want to enforce ‘Nagpuriya’ laws and implement the Manusmriti’s ideology. We stand against this ideology and are prepared to do everything required to defeat it. We have seen enough demonstration of the ‘New India’ that they have in mind.— from mob lynching to atrocities against Dalits – we have been observing this and sensing what is going on. We are convinced of the imperative to put everything else aside and in the national interest and in the interest of saving the Constitution, come together and fight these forces, otherwise, in the coming days, people will not forgive us.

NC24x7: What do you think of Rahul Gandhi?

Tejashwi: My friendship with Rahul Gandhi is to save the Constitution. I had met him and tweeted as much and said that because Congress is a bigger party it has a bigger responsibility that it brings everyone together and sets aside smaller concerns. Everyone, whether it is RJD or any other party, needs to keep egos aside and set up a structure within which we can then fight – in this process, and building this relationship, all will have to compromise, Lalu ji compromised and sacrificed so much for the Mahagatbandhan. Despite being the single largest party, he made such a person the Chief Minister who has ensured that Lalu ji went to jail and filed false cases against him; not only Chief Minister, we also gave them the Speaker’s post. So that commitment that Laluji has towards the Constitution, social justice and secularism, that must be imbibed by everyone somehow.

NC24x7: Now Modi ji always says it is Modi vs All, his followers say that a Lion is alone and others hunt in packs. It is likely that he will try in 2019 to make it only about one issue from Bihar to Bengal-ModiJii is the only issue, and the contest will framed as Modi vs Who. Your response?

Tejashwi: No No. But Modi ji is not alone – he has a Baraat (marriage party) of 40 parties and he is the dulha (groom). He gives no respect to these 40 parties. He tries to portray that it is about just him, that he is walking alone. You tell me, that apart from 2-3 states, where is the BJP? Take the example of Bihar itself, why has he chosen to form a government with someone who is as deceptive as Nitish Kumar ji. Nitish Kumar ji had snatched the plate from Modi ji. Modi ji is in such a state now that he needs to take all such persons along. Shiv Sena has gone away, they left PDP, With all these people, North-east, they formed a government with two MLAs, so people forgot who the major party there was, with whose support the BJP cobbled up to power. Do see how Akali Dal, in UP too BJP has a coalition with many small parties. In BIhar too, with Ram Vilas Paswan, Upinder Khushwaha, Nitish Kumar – there are so many people – where is he alone? Which means Modi ji was scared or what? What was he scared of that he built a coalition with over 40 parties. With what face is he is preaching to us now? If Opposition parties are coming together then it is for a common ideology. BJP-NDA have no common ideology at all – someone says this and another party/leader says something else.

So it is they who have to answer this question.

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