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Modi’s Biggest Attack On The Indian Press Is Here (Read Document)

One step closer to an Emergency.

The Narendra Modi government has launched the most direct and vicious attack on the freedom of the Press. In a development that is sure to send shockwaves throughout the country, the government has come out with a draconian notification, disguised as an attempt to regulate fake news.

While the main purveyors of fake news are non-accredited journalists running so-called “news” platforms, this notification targets only accredited journalists which work through established newsrooms and editorial controls. Modi government’s intent, indubitably, is not to stop fake news but target journalists who choose to be independent and objective.

The notification stipulates that the accreditation of a journalist would be suspended even during the pendency of the enquiry. There are no consequences specified whatsoever for non accredited platforms or journalists. Those will clearly continue to have a free run.

It is clear as daylight that the only intent of the government is to keep a sword hanging over serious news establishments.  A senior advocate who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity  described the notification as “an unconscionable, brazen and direct attack on the democracy, clearly violative of fundamental rights stipulated in the constitution of India”

Speaking to NewsCentral24x7, lawyer and author Gautam Bhatia said “Fake news is a subjective term, and to use it as a basis for denying accreditation, and thereby access, allows the government the power to potentially discriminate on the basis of political views.”

Update: The federation of press clubs has called a meeting st 4 pm tomorrow. The FPCI now includes all press clubs across the country. A statement from the Editors Guild is expected tomorrow, sources told NewsCentral24x7.



Read the notification here:

  Press Release 2.4.2018

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