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Activists Project ‘Supreme Injustice’ On Mumbai Court to Protest Clean Chit to CJI Gogoi in Sexual Harassment Case

"Keep an eye out, you might find more of these soon,” said an unnamed activist.

Saturday evening in Bandra East witnessed an odd sight. The Family Court in Bandra Kurla Complex Road had a projection on it. It said “Supreme Injustice“.

Charges of sexual harassment against Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi by a former Supreme Court employee followed by a thorough lack of due process — Gogoi was given a clean chit by an ‘informal’ in-house committee; the probe was conducted ex parte; the victim was not provided with a lawyer — led to the beginning of a movement. Social activists and feminists across the country have been protesting under the banner of Supreme Injustice to call out the shoddy proceedings of this case. Cops detained peaceful activists in several cities. And, perhaps, that led to activists getting more creative with there protests.

“Guerilla Projection Bombers”, a collective of social activists and feminists have started experimenting with outdoor projections to call to attention matters of need. An activist and “projection bomber” who wished to remain anonymous, told NewsCentral24x7 that the “space for protests” are decreasing. “There are only a few places where you can protest and over there, too, there are all these rules like you can’t stick posters and what not,” she said, adding that this new medium allowed them to circumvent that.

Another member of the collective said this was also a sort of an experiment — a test of the technology. While they had, for long, been planning to use projections as a form of protest, the continuing agitations against the CJI made them take this cause up. “We have been trying to do this for a while. We have been participating in the protests. We decided to carry forward the momentum.”

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So for approximately 20 minutes each, two buildings in Mumbai found themselves turning into a screen as these activists beamed the words “Supreme Injustice” with images of the scales of justice and even one with a cartoon of Ranjan Gogoi.

Rachita Taneja, a human rights campaigner and the creator of the webcomic Sanitary Panels, had created the cartoon — “Dude, process?” — that was projected on one of the buildings. Speaking to NewsCentral24x7, Taneja said, “Everyone keeps saying that women should report and then follow due process. And even when they try and do that, they are denied due process.” She said that this wasn’t justice and for that reason, she has been protesting.

Right now, there are just four members in “Guerilla Projection Bombers”, but that might soon change. “Lots of people have expressed their appreciation for this and have shown interest in this,” said the unnamed activist, adding that they planned to use this form of activism and protest more often in the future, especially for calling out the injustice meted to Ranjan Gogoi’s victim.

“Right now, we did it on the Family Court because we thought it would be a safe option. We didn’t even plan to do the second one, but we found the perfect building in Bandra Reclamation. So we went ahead with it,” she said, assuring that the next time, they would plan this out more properly. She added that this might soon start happening outside of Mumbai as well.

“Keep an eye out,” she said. “You might find more of these soon.”

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