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‘Target The Male Voter’s Ego. Tell Him He’s Been Insulted’: Analysing Modi’s Campaign

Treat Indian voters like this country treats its girls: breed them on fear.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has mastered the art of giving impactful election speeches. Here’s a guide to how he does it. Good luck, I hope you make it to the big league and get some PM-level street cred.

Target the male voter’s ego. Tell him he’s been insulted. Pit him against his brothers from the minority community—yes those same neighbours he’s lived peacefully alongside for years—and watch voters ROARRR. Throw in Congress for added impact. For maximum effect, repeat the word Hindu at least 12 times in a speech.

“The Congress insulted Hindus and the people of the country have decided to punish the party in the election. Leaders of that party are now scared of contesting from constituencies dominated by the majority (Hindu) population. That is why they are forced to take refuge in places where the majority is a minority.”

(Photo: @PrasunKD)

Forget women—focus on male voters,   they are more gullible and more focussed on a 56” chest. If you must invoke the other half of the population, start with “despite being a woman…”

“After India’s surgical strike against terrorists in the wake of the Uri attack, the country saw what a “Mard Sarkar” (masculine government) is like.”

Wear saffron accessories. Make angry and scornful faces. Talk about anger. Only Hindu anger. Select a terror-accused candidate. Only a Hindu terror accused candidate. Defend her always. 

“The Congress party is scared of Hindu anger…They had invented the term ‘Hindu terror’.  This sin will never get washed away.”


“Terrorists from Pakistan used to set off blasts, carry out attacks. But instead of acting against them, the Congress and its companions would get busy in putting the terrorist stamp on Hindus.”


On terror-accused Pragya Singh Thakur who is contesting from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh:

“You branded a 5000-year-old peaceful civilisation a terrorist. Sadhvi is a symbol against those haters.”

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur
Sadhvi Pragya Thakur (Photo: Facebook)

So what if your actions had zero impact? Channel your inner lion and stop worrying about facts. Yell Pakistan angrily and add random words—‘crying’, ‘phone’ and any others that come to mind—after the name of that country. Always keep 12 missiles handy. 

“They (Pakistan) forgot that this is Modi…For the first time, you must have seen Pakistan crying. They were urging Modi to pick up the phone…we have put Pakistan in such a situation.”


“…in the afternoon we said at the press conference, Pakistan beware, if our pilot is harmed, then don’t tell the world what Modi did to you.”


“A senior American official said on the second day that Modi has kept ready 12 missiles and might attack and the situation will deteriorate. Pakistan announced to return the pilot on the second day, else it was going to be a ‘qatal ki raat’.”

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Treat Indian voters like this country treats its girls: breed them on fear. Post DANGER signs everywhere, and warn voters of the consequences of following their hearts or minds. Throw in Congress for added impact.

“In their manifesto, Congress has promised that they will withdraw forces from Kashmir. Imagine what will happen then. Don’t you think terrorists would kill Amarnath pilgrims without the presence of Army? What will happen to Vaishnodevi pilgrims or tourists going to Srinagar? In that situation, do you think the Army will be ready to fight?”

Use the armed forces and neo-nationalism liberally. Don’t worry about the boring ol’ rules of the Election Commission of India. Throw in Congress for added impact. 

“I want to tell the first-time voters: can your first vote be dedicated to the veer jawans (valiant soldiers) who carried out the air strike in Pakistan). Can your first vote be dedicated to the veer shaheed (brave martyrs) of Pulwama (terror attack).”


“The Congress also wants to repeal the sedition law. Can we give a free hand to those who want to break the country into pieces…the tukde tukde gang?”

Use a range of adjectives from prepared list to describe the Congress. 

For example: UPA’s “weak-kneed” leadership; “did nothing”; “sinking”; “drowning”; “crumbling”. Use awkwardly rhyming words such as “honesty over dynasty”.

Get your bros to flank you at all times.

Modi ki sena” — Yogi Adityanath.

Narendra Modi’s Air Force” —Amit Shah

BJP, Narendra Modi
(L-R) BJP President Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath and PM Modi (Photo: Facebook)

Seek inspiration in the inanities of other world leaders and conjure up your own desi version using Hindu festival reference for added impact. Remember the time US President Donald Trump threatened that his nuclear button was bigger and more powerful than North Korea’s?

“India has stopped the policy of getting scared of Pakistan’s threats. Every other day they used to say ‘we have nuclear button, we have nuclear button’. What do we have then? Have we kept it for Diwali?”

Happy voting!

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