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North MCD School Segregates Students On The Basis Of Religion

"There are no Hindu boys in my class...A good friend of mine is no longer in the same classroom," a class IV student said. 

A few teachers of North MCD Boys’ School, Wazirabad village in Delhi alleged that the school principal is assigning students to different sections on the basis of religion.

On July 2, teacher C B Singh Sehrawat was put-in-charge of the school after the principal was transferred. A source told The Indian Express that the students were reshuffled only after Sehrawat took charge.

“The principal was transferred on July 2, after which a teacher was put in charge until a new principal is posted. He initiated these changes and teachers were not consulted in the matter. When some teachers tried to bring it up with him, he responded with aggression and told them that it was none of their concern and that they should do their assigned jobs,” the source said.

A class IV student said, “There are no Hindu boys in my class. We were together until a few months back. A good friend of mine is no longer in the same classroom.”

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According to IE report, as of October 9, following was the section-wise break up of students:

  • Class IA: 36 Hindus, IB: 36 Muslims
  • Class IIA: 47 Hindus, IIB: 26 Muslims and 15 Hindus, IIC: 40 Muslims
  • Class IIIA: 40 Hindus, IIIB: 23 Hindus and 11 Muslims, IIIC: 40 Muslims, IIID: 14 Hindus and 23 Muslims
  • Class IVA: 40 Hindus, IVB: 19 Hindus and 13 Muslims, IVC: 35 Muslims, IVD: 11 Hindus and 24 Muslims
  • Class VA: 45 Hindus, VB: 49 Hindus, VC: 39 Muslims and 2 Hindus, VD: 47 Muslims

Sehrawat denied accusations of diving the students on the basis of religion and said, “Reshuffling of sections is standard procedure which happens in all schools. This was a management decision to try and do the best we can to see that there is peace, discipline and a good learning environment in the school. Children fought sometimes.”

When asked if the students fought because of religious differences, he said, “Of course children this young don’t know about religion, but they squabble over things. Some children are vegetarian, so there may be differences, and so on. We need to look after the interests of all teachers and students.”

Reportedly, around 20 days ago, some teachers from the school went to the MCD zonal office in Civil Lines to complain about the manner of reshuffling. However, scared of being targeted, the authorities refused to put anything in writing.


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