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People of India vs. Narendra Modi: PM’s Tall Promises Seen Against The Ground Reality (Watch)

This short film by Karwan-e-Mohabbat reminds us to vote wisely.

As India embarks on the largest democratic elections in the world, Karwan-e-Mohabbat has released a short film titled ‘People of India vs. Narendra Modi’ to remind viewers to vote wisely.

The short video intersperses footage from Modi’s claims at his theatrical, high-octane political rallies and the marginalised and the poor voicing their realities.

The video begins with Modi boasting about the demonetisation policy and a govt housing scheme.

An old man says, “Ninety-two ration cards of dalits, all poor people, were cancelled.”

The video cuts to Modi in a rally saying, “We have to liberate the country from poverty. No matter how difficult the job is, the good of the nation lies in the end to poverty.”

A youth says, “We have not received our rations in six months.”

A woman from under her veil says, “We don’t get ration or oil. The card contains the name of the old woman, it should bear my name now.”

Modi says in another clip, “A house should be good, with bathroom, electricity, water supply, gas connection. No one even spared a thought on these topics before.”

The young man adds, “We don’t get rice or pulses as rations. He (Modi) has taken everything away.”

Another woman says, “No one has received any (identification) cards.”

In another rally Modi asks, “For once, you vote for those rooting for development.”

The woman says, furiously, “Don’t want to vote for anyone.”

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Modi says, “If you don’t free the nation from poverty, even if you do a 5000 things, nation’s destiny won’t change.”

The first man says, “If the poor man’s work is not happening, then of course I will say the government is good just so that we get our job done. BJP government is big, Yogi is huge. Why should I badmouth anyone?”

Another man alleges, “We didn’t get anything! We are sick of this government.”

The video ends with “Vote wisely India”.

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