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PM Modi Copies Congress Campaign Slogan ‘Main Nahi, Hum’ From 2014

Just like several other schemes introduced by the BJP, this slogan is also not original.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, will launch the “Main Nahin, Hum” (Not I, We) Portal and App and interact with IT professionals. Interestingly, this slogan is not an original idea of the Modi government.
In November 2010, a Congress councillor in Indore had already used this slogan in a poster during a mushaiara. Earlier in 2014, the Congress party had also launched an advertisement featuring Rahul Gandhi with tag line as “Main Nahin, Hum”.

Bharaitya Janata Party (BJP), then in the Opposition, had accused Congress of copying Narendra Modi’s ad blitz at a BJP convention in 2011.   

However, Congress had quickly reacted to the claims and proved by releasing a 2010 video of Congress councillor using the slogan “Main Nahin, Hum”, that the “copy cat” here, was in fact, the right-wing party.  

Then Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza had said, “Much before BJP or Narendra Modi used this phrase ‘Mein Nahin, Hum’, a Congress councillor in Indore had put this in a poster during a mushaiara. So BJP’s contention that Congress copied its slogan does not hold any water. The idea was already with Congress.” 

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The BJP has been under the scrutiny of Opposition for copying the original schemes introduced by the Congress party. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had even accused BJP of simply renaming 23 of Congress’ policies. Tharoor had called BJP a “name-changing government, not a game-changing one!”

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