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Experts Wanted Strike Date Changed Because Of Weather, I Gave Them The Idea That Clouds Will Help Escape Radars: PM Modi

Does Entire Political Science include radar technology, physics & warfare?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an attempt to boast about his contribution to the Balakot airstrike in his interview with News Nation on May 11, has yet again displayed his breathtaking ignorance on matters of science and technology.

When journalist Peenaz Tyagi asked him about what transpired on the night of the airstrike, February 26, the PM said, “It was raining that night very heavily. At around 12 midnight, this I am saying for the very first time..I don’t know how our officers feel about this.. a thought crossed our mind about the plan. We weren’t sure if we would be able to go or not. Then finally, experts opined that we should change the day of the strike….now I’m not someone who personally knows this much science… I thought that there are clouds..there is rain..there is a benefit, it can provide us cover from radars. Then ultimately, I said, there are clouds, let’s go. ”

You don’t have to be an expert to know that that’s not how radar technology works.

He makes the claim at around 27:00 in the full video uploaded by the BJP Youtube channel.

Presumably because they realised the foolishness of the remark, BJP official Twitter handle deleted the tweet that had quoted the PM.

Modi Balakot BJP deleted tweet

However, at the time of writing this article, similar tweets posted by BJP state handles had not been deleted.

AltNews Co-founder Mohammed Zubair archived the tweet in case BJP Gujarat handle also deletes it.

People on social media burst into laughter and called out the ignorance as well as arrogance of the remark.  While some couldn’t believe that the Prime Minister of the country said this, others did not find it surprising considering  Modi’s earlier similar claim about a tea-seller harvesting bio-gas from an open drain.

Sarcasm was not hard to find.

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Author Tony Joseph said that if this is the thinking that is going behind national security issues, “then we have a national security crisis that needs urgent attention.”



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