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Poor Quality Ammunition Causing Fatalities, Injuries to Increase at Alarming Rate: Indian Army Raises Concerns to Modi Govt

“Any drop in the quality of OFB (Ordnance Factory Board) products has major operational ramifications on the country's war-ranging potential"

The Army is witnessing an increase in the number of accidents due to defective ammunition supplied by the Ordnance Factory Board. The officials have raised serious concerns and informed the Defence Ministry that the requisite “quality control” and “quality assurance” are not maintained by the board.

As per a report by Rajat Pandit published in The Times of India, the army is losing confidence in all ammunition due to the alarming rate of increase in ammunition-related fatalities, injuries and damages. “Any drop in the quality of OFB products has major operational ramifications on the country’s war-ranging potential,” a source told TOI.

In a paper submitted to Secretary (Defence Production) Ajay Kumar about different problems with the ammunition, the force said that “regular accidents” are occurring with 105mm Indian field guns, 105mm light field guns, 130 mm MA1 medium guns, 40mm L-70 air defence guns, main guns of T-72, T-90 and Arjun main-battle tanks.

The report also mentioned that after four soldiers and an officer were seriously injured in an accident in February, the Army has stopped using “all training firing” of the 40mm high explosive ammunition by the L-70 air defence guns.

Last year, Swati Chaturvedi had reported for News Central24x7 that a Murli Manohar Joshi-led Parliamentary committee had slammed the Modi government for comprising with the safety and security of the country. The committee had said that in four years, the defence preparedness level of the country had been brought down to the level of India’s defeat at the hands of China in 1962. 

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