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Pray For Neasamani: The Meme Storm That Took Over Social Media

Cricketers, politicians, journalists all stand together to support a man who suffered at the hands of his inept employees.

The culture of the internet is a strange thing. People on social media across India — and even outside — have begun praying for the wellbeing of a man called Neasamani. The hashtag #Pray_for_Neasamani has taken over all of desi internet. On the night on May 29, the hashtag was no.1 on Twitter India. Thoughts, prayers and bated breaths wait all across the country to know when, or if at all, Neasamni will recover from his injury.

But who is Neasamani?

In the 2001 Tamil comedy Friends, actor Vadivelu plays the role of Contractor Neasamani. In an iconic scene from the film, a frustrated Neasamani keeps shouting at his inept employees. In the midst of that, one of his careless subordinates drops a hammer, which lands with a perfect clunk on Neasamani’s head.

But why are people praying for Neasamani more than 18 years later?

A Pakistan-based meme page called “Civil Engineering Learners” shared a photo of a hammer with the question, “What is the name of the tool in your country?” A Vadivelu fan, Vighnesh Prabhakar, while informing that the tool was called a “Suthiyal” added that it was responsible for causing contractor Neasamani a severe head injury. Another user mockingly asked, “Is he ok?”

Lo and behold, people started a hashtag to pray for the speedy recovery of Neasamani. And almost everyone is praying.

As per The News Minute, while prayers for Contractor Neasamani were up and about, actor Vadivelu was blissfully unaware of the whole event. Speaking to Priyanka Thirumurthy of TNM, the legendary actor had a hearty laugh when he was informed of this and said, “What? It has become famous across the world? Oh god. It has gone to America and everywhere? Thank you. Yes, the movie was with Vijay and Suriya.  I have acted in a lot of movies and made the whole world laugh. But I didn’t know about this… This entire trend is a victory given by God, a victory for the movie’s director Siddique and the victory for the people who enjoy my comedy.”

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From cricketer Harbhajan Singh to DMK MLAs, to IPL teams — all “thoughts and prayers” are with Neasamani today.

The drama, however, got politicised as well.

And many continued to keep the social media aware of medical ongoings.

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