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Those Who Talk Of Parivar & Sanskaar Are At The Forefront Of Destroying Values & Targeting Families.

Is it sanskaar to threaten children with rape?

Photoshopped images, vulgar memes and fake quotes attributed to me have failed to silence me. I will confess that I was at least momentarily shaken and tremendously pained when in a bid to target me and my party the vilest and sexually abusive things were said about my daughter. 

The Hon’ble Union Home Minister Rajnath ji intervened to help me and catch the culprit. But I want to ask him- what about the millions of other women who are being subjected to the same and even worse? Rajnath Ji, surely you are not in denial about the role your party systematically and routinely plays in creating this environment?

Thousands of Indians have been poisoned and brainwashed by a certain organisation into believing that they must not hesitate from threatening children with rape, from hating their fellow countrymen and women, from spreading lies that are leading to innocents being butchered. 

Politics has always been about opponents, not enemies. That has been changed in the recent past.

I no longer know if ‘trolls’ sufficiently describes those who engage in this behaviour, but these ‘trolls’ are not solo agents. They are trained, brainwashed, nurtured, paid, organised and often rewarded with the holy grail, prominently displayed on their social media bios- “proud to be followed by…”

I ask these trolls, can you look in the eyes of your daughter and mine and say the words you say every day without hesitation? Can your children go to school and share in front of their class the words you write on twitter? 

Those who talk of Parivar and sanskaar are at the forefront of destroying values and targeting families. Is it sanskaar to threaten children with rape? Is jhooth a part of our sanskaar? Are we going to abandon Satyameva Jayate? 

They want to build a ‘New India’ they say? And what will the foundations of this New India be? Lies? The normalisation of rape threats? Countless people arguing- so what if our Prime Minister follows those who threaten others with violence and rape? 

The first thing we must do, is pause. Pause and think- are we setting our own country on fire only so that the throne of the emperor can remain sufficiently warm?. We must pause, because pause we will, one day, like Germany and many other nations did. I just hope we’re not as late as they were.

In one of his letters to Chief Ministers, Prime Minister Nehru wrote:

The Nazi party brought Germany to ruin, and I have little doubt that if these tendencies are allowed to spread, and increase in India, they would do enormous injury to India. No doubt India would survive. But she would be grievously wounded and would take a long time to recover

Nothing will stop me from protecting my child. But it isn’t just about my baby, my daughter. It is about protecting my country. It is about protecting millions of daughters. It is about protecting the constitution of India which I am proud to say lays down the highest ideals that not only India but humanity must aspire to. 

Today, India, its daughters and its constitution are under attack. This has to be defeated, and all well-meaning Indians will have to join this fight. For themselves, for their children and for India.

Priyanka Chaturvedi is the National Convenor-Communication and National Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress. She tweets at @priyankac19.

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