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If You’re Nationalist, Talk About India, Not Pakistan: Priyanka Gandhi Slams BJP At Fatehpur Sikri

"If you're nationalists, respect martyrs who are Hindu, Muslim and respect the martyr who is the father of the opposition leader."

Congress President Rahul Gandhi, UP East General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and UP West General Secretary Jyotiraditya Scindia held a public meeting in Fatehpur Sikri today. Priyanka Gandhi, in her address, attacked the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party hard. The following are a few key quotes:

– I’ve seen the reality in the eyes of the youth who tell me “Didi, we don’t have a job”; I’ve seen it in the eyes of potato farmers who tell me that seeds cost more than the produce, they’re deep in debt, cold storages have shut down…

– A farmer told me, he had to take his 19 tones of potato to Maharashtra to sell. He got Rs 94,000. He paid Rs 42,000 for transport, Rs 46,000 for cold storage… in the end, he had Rs 490. He sent it to the PM, to tell him that this is the reality.

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– When you ask questions, you are told that you are anti-national. I met women, teachers, farmers who were beaten up when they asked for their rights… They were told they are anti-national.

– And BJP leaders call themselves nationalists. I say to them — if you’re nationalists, respect martyrs who are Hindu, Muslim and respect the martyr who is the father of the opposition leader.

– If you’re nationalist, then at election time, talk about India, not Pakistan. Tell India’s youth and women what you’re going to do for them. If you’re nationalist, why did you not meet the lakhs of farmers who travelled barefoot to see you?

– If you’re nationalist, why do you want to stifle the voice of the public? When people ask questions, you should be happy that people are aware. But you try to suppress their voice, so it doesn’t reach you or anyone else.

– The government’s campaigning is so good that they are present everywhere, from TV to trains. In fact, they are campaigning through food packets on polling day.

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