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Shameful: Modi Calls Kerala Govt ‘Shameful’ For Upholding SC’s Sabarimala Judgment But Keeps Mum on Hindutva Groups’ Violence

CPI(M) said, "What is shameful is your party leaders defending rapists, defending Sati, and defying the country's top court and Constitution, Mr Modi!"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, January 15 attacked the Kerala government over its handling of the Sabarimala temple issue after the Supreme Court verdict ended the shrine’s traditional ban on women of reproductive age.

Addressing the crowd, Modi said, “The CPI (M) government’s conduct on Sabarimala will go down in history as the most shameful action of any government in power… We know CPI (M) government never respected spirituality, religion… but no one thought it would turn so shameful.”

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While most news outlets have reported that PM Modi called the Kerala government’s conduct “shameful”, some have reported him saying it was “sinful”.

The connotation may be terrible for both after all the PM seems to be publicly disrespecting civil liberty and a Supreme Court decision, the use of “sinful” makes it worse.

Modi, in an ANI interview on January 1, had said the ban on women between the ages of 10 and 50 at the Sabarimala temple was a matter of tradition. “There are some temples which have their own traditions, where men can’t go. And men don’t go,” he said.

So far, Modi has not once addressed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members in Kerala, among other Hindutva activists, unleashing violence on the citizens of the state.

The CPI(M) slammed PM Modi for making the statement. ”What is shameful is your party leaders defending rapists, what is shameful is BJP leaders defending Sati, AND what is shameful is ruling BJP members defying the country’s top court and Constitution, Mr Modi! Kerala does not need cultural lessons from regressive forces,” the party said.

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