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Heartwarming: The Sikh Community Helped 32 Kashmiri Women Reach Home Amid A Communications Blackout

Not only did they book their tickets home, but they also accompanied them back to ensure their safety.

In the aftermath of the Centre’s bid to amend Article 370 of the Constitution, the residents of Jammu and Kashmir have lived a life of uncertainty. With a clampdown on communication and little in terms of information exchange, subjects of the now-Union Territory, especially ones living in other states have found it difficult to contact family members.

Almost two weeks later, some sunlight has managed to seep through cracks in these dark clouds. A Facebook post shared by historian and author Rana Safvi brings us a much-needed positive story.

Per Safvi, 32 Kashmiri women, who study in Pune, were in a state of panic when they lost communication with their families post-August 5. But these women found an ally in the Sikh community. They approached the Gurudwara committee in Pune for help, and the committee came through. Per the Facebook post, the committee booked flight tickets to Delhi for these women.

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They also picked them up from their accomodations and ensured their safe departure from Pune. Once in Delhi, the Delhi Gurudwara Committee took over. Not only did they book their tickets to Srinagar from there, but they also accompanied them home to ensure their safety. A video shared by Safvi captures the relief experienced by the families at the sight of each other.

32 Kashmiri girls studying in Pune panicked when they lost communication with their families post abrogation of Article…

Posted by Rana Safvi on Sunday, August 18, 2019

Earlier, on August 9, an Akal Takht Jathedar (clergy) urged the Sikh community to come forward and make it their “religious duty” to defend and protect the honour of Kashmiri women. The Jathedar’s statement was in light of political leaders and others on the social media humiliating Kashmiri women. Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh said in a statement, “God has given equal rights to all human beings, and it is a crime to differentiate against anyone on the basis of gender, caste or religion. The kind of commands given by elected representatives on social media against the girls of Kashmir after the removal of special status under Section 370 is not only defamatory but also unforgivable.”

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