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Both TMC and BJP Are Indulging in Competitive Communalism: Sitaram Yechury

In an interview with NewsClick, the CPI(M) general-secretary attacked the Modi government for misleading people.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) general-secretary Sitaram Yechury has been a vocal critic of the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) regime. On March 18, Yechury was interviewed by Prasanth R of NewsClick. The following are noteworthy quotes from the interview.

On CPI-M’s goals

– The key message (of the CPI-M) right now is that this government should be removed.

– On every single foundational pillar of our Constitution, there has been a severe assault. And that assault continues to grow.

– If they (BJP) continue to remain in office, using the government and authority, they are mounting these assaults. Assaults on secular democracy, on federalism, on social justice, on economic self-reliance and the livelihood of the people.

– We have given ourselves three slogans: one, ensure the defeat of the BJP and its alliance; two, strengthen the CPI-M and the Left in Parliament; three, an alternative, secular government assumes office at the Centre.

– They (BJP) don’t believe in Parliamentary democracy. They would want a presidential form. And that suits the RSS/fascistic agenda of converting our secular democratic republic into their vision of a Hindu Rashtra.

On Opposition unity

– Politics is not arithmetic. Putting two and two together may give you four in arithmetic, but in politics, it could give you 22 or a zero also.

On Balakot airstrikes and BJP smokescreens

– What the Modi government requires today is to divert the people’s attention away from the actual conditions of their livelihood.

– There’s mounting anger against this Modi government’s complete destruction of the livelihood of crores of people in our country.

– The living conditions of the people have become the major concern for the people, particularly after demonetisation and GST implementation.

– They (BJP) want to divert the attention away. And one diversion is what happened at Balakot was all because of the strength of the government.

– It’s the most bizarre situation. You have the BJP president claiming that 250 people were killed. You have the Union Home Minister claiming that 300 were killed. And you have another cabinet minister saying 450 were killed. And then, you have one cabinet minister who said nobody was killed because the intention was not to cause any deaths but to show Pakistan we are capable of hitting.

– They tried to misuse this whole situation, but I think people have already seen through it.

On BJP’s cronyism and loan defaulters

– Apart from imposing misery on our people, there has been a large-scale loot of public resources.

– Everybody knows who has taken how much and how many of them have left the country to evade legal action. What is stopping us from actually confiscating their properties here?

– On Rafale, it is now crystal-clear that the government misled the people.

On Kerala

– The doublespeak and the hypocrisy of the BJP are getting exposed. And so of the Congress.

– The BJP talks of women’s equality when it talks of Triple Talaq. Women’s equality for Muslim women, but no equality for Hindu women, as far as the entry in Sabarimala is concerned?

On West Bengal

– Both the Trinamool Congress and the BJP are indulging in what we call competitive communalism.

– They (BJP and TMC) work in tandem.

– Our call: Defeating the Modi government to save India; defeating the TMC to save Bengal.

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