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Six Questions For The Government On The CBSE Leak

It is clear that the government is being evasive and is engaging in deceit.

1. According to this report, the stand of the government is that the leak of the mathematics paper was restricted to Delhi and Haryana. If leak on whatsapp and gmail- how has the government been able to determine geographical reach?

2. The same report states that the government has sought a reply from google. This makes it obvious that the enquiry has not been concluded. Again, How is the government making any claims about the geographical area in which the leaks have spread?

3. Why was system of multiple papers discontinued?

4. Even if there is a slight likelihood that the leak went beyond these two states, won’t holding a re-test in only two states be unfair to the students giving these tests?

5. Is the government lying about the geographical extent of the leak only because it wants to reduce its work and contain the anger being felt by parents?

6. Is it enough to say that a retest will be conducted and the guilty will be brought to book? Should the government not compensate the students who have suffered?

Does the government have any answers?

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