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Will Form a Government That Does What it Says: UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi (Watch)

Speaking at Jan Sarokar 2019, the Congress leader said that the rights-based policies of the UPA govt had allowed crores of people to achieve their dreams. 

Jan Sarokar 2019 (People’s Agenda), a convergence of civil society groups to raise people’s issues ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, was attended by representatives of several political parties including UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on April 6.

In her speech, Gandhi slammed the Narendra Modi-led government for trampling on basic freedoms enshrined in the constitution. “Till a few years ago, we couldn’t think that we would have to gather here in such circumstances. In the last few years, the well-planned conspiracy that is crushing the soul of our nation has become extremely worrying for us all. The institutions that took us to the zenith have been almost destroyed maliciously. The current government has left no stone unturned in damaging the foundational structures of social welfare that have been built with a lot of hard work in the last 65 years, as well as the inclusive fabric of the society,” she said.

jan sarokar 2019

She took on the current narrative of questioning the patriotism of dissenters. “We are being taught a new definition of patriotism, those who don’t respect diversity are being considered patriots. Discrimination on the basis of caste, religion and ideology is now considered acceptable. In matters of food, clothing and freedom of expression, we are expected to tolerate the whims of some people. The current government is not willing to respect dissent,” she said.

jan sarokar 2019
Women who have lost members to silicosis but haven’t received compensation, widow pension, nor childcare allowance (Photo: @VaniLeah)

The Congress leader also hit-at the Modi government for maintaining law and order in the country, “When people are attacked for their faith, what does the government do? It looks away. The government is not willing to fulfil its basic responsibility of upholding law and order. From crores of people, the current government is snatching the opportunity to have better lives. They are making policies that benefit their crony capitalists friends. We have to oppose this.”

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“We need a government which fulfils its responsibilities towards all citizens of the country; which is serious about it’s commitments. We have to restore the inclusive, secular spirit of our constitution. The basic freedoms that have been guaranteed by the constitution, have to established again. Each person’s security and dignity has to be ensured again. We have to uphold constitutional principles that allow every Indian to express their views, that give the right to equality and an equal right to resources. We cannot permit anyone to take away these constitutional freedoms.”

Jan Sarokar 2019
Families and loved ones of victims of hate crimes , mob lynching and caste violence come together to share their anguish (Photo: Facebook/ People’s Agenda 2019 /ज़न सरोकार 2019)

Under the Manmohan Singh-led UPA government, the National Advisory Council was institutionalised and a method of working with civil society groups was devised, the Congress leader said, adding that the rights-based policies of the UPA government allowed crores of people to achieve their dreams.

If the Congress party forms the government after the polls, said Gandhi, there will be a mechanism to ensure that all promises made to the public are fulfilled.

She further said, “We will bring a government that respects promises, a government that does what it says. A government’s voice should carry weight.”

You can watch the live feed of the event here.

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