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Stop News About MJ Akbar, Bring News About IT Raids. Quick! Distract The People  

To hide the news about Akbar, ways are being devised. It’s an old trick to get the IT department to conduct raids.

You should pay attention to Facebook posts and Youtube Videos about MJ Akbar. The pace at which these were being shared has slowed down. News about Akbar has been made to disappear from print media. In district editions of newspapers, a mere three to four lines have been given to it. For two-three days, this news was not published at all. Those stories carry no detail. As a reader, is this not an insult to you that the newspaper that you have been purchasing for years is not able to publish news at the level of Minister of State for External Affairs?

Did you imagine this India? In relation to Akbar, Hindi newspapers have proved my point that Hindi newspapers are killing Hindi readers. People don’t know anything. Everywhere, stories about Alok Nath have been given primacy but there is no news on Akbar. Even if it’s mentioned, there is no mention of the journalists who have accused him or what what the accusations are. Newspapers have turned against the public. Think about it, crores of readers who depend on newspapers would not have found out about the accusations against Akbar.

To hide the news about Akbar, ways are being devised. It’s an old trick to get the IT department to conduct raids. So that godi media gets legitimate news, and can feel like they’re covering the raids that have been carried out. Those who manage news are out of ideas. Hence, Hindi newspapers have been stopped from publishing news on Akbar. On the other hand, by getting IT raids  conducted, other news stories are being made bigger and given preference. Recently, The Quint website has reported on the government’s economic policies critically.  Now there is news of its owner Raghav Bahl being raided. Sensationalism is being created in the media. Opposition leaders will also be raided.

The news about IT raids is essential to stop or remove news about Akbar or Rafale deal. French newspaper Mediapart has published a new report. Referring to Dassault Aviation’s documents, it is being said that pressure was exerted to partner with Anil Ambani’s company and that the Indian government put forward this condition. Till now, this is an even more evidentiary document.  Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is visiting France. News like this is being published in the French media and the defence minister is in France. Think about it, how would the situation be for India?

The government is silent on the state of the economy as well. One dollar is now 74.45 rupees. Piyush Goyal thinks this is the golden age of the rupee. Maybe he believes that the project to fool the public is complete for 50 years. Now, the public will hear or understand only what we say. Petrol and diesel prices have started to rise again. 5 rupees were reduced on 90 so that it does not reach Rs 100 per litre at election time. Petrol prices are rising towards 90 again.

Yes, the Prime Minister is silent. He’s addressing BJP workers. 

Share Akbar’s news on Facebook and WhatsApp as much as possible because Hindi newspapers have kept this news from reaching you. This is a reader’s defeat. Are readers slaves to the Hindi newspaper? Hindi newspapers are enslaving you. You will have to fight them.

Ravish Kumar, a senior journalist wrote the post on Facebook. Currently, he is working with NDTV India. 

(The post was translated by Mitali Agrawal.)


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