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NewsCentral24x7 has so far been funded by the general public, lawyers and journalists. In the past few days, many committed contributors have told us that they will no longer be able to fund us.

There is fear and fatigue.

But our reporters are not afraid. We are not fatigued. We have had to downsize, and cut many basic resources but we still need Rs 4 lakh a month to survive and run two websites – English and Hindi. This covers reporters’ salaries, and basic website costs.

We want to fight. For truth. For the Constitution. For India.

Following the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Opposition is weakened and the government omnipotent. Today, more than ever, we need independent media that can question the government on YOUR behalf.

If you support us, we will renew our focus on stories about rural India, gender, religious and caste discrimination. Stories of the weak — that many other news websites choose to overlook in favour of analysis and opinions by the already powerful sections.

Help us continue this fight. Help us stay alive.

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