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The Dark Tale Behind Viral Image of a Married Couple Wearing Narendra Modi T-shirts

Alpika Pandey alleged that her husband would physically and mentally torture her.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what about the story behind it? A photo of a couple wearing Narendra Modi t-shirts recently went viral. Now, Alpika Pandey, the female seen in the picture alleged that her husband, a Modi supporter has abused her.

Jay Dave, whose Twitter bio says he is a “translator, writer, actor, Gujarati Indian and National Development partner: Narendra Modi,” had recently tweeted a photo of him and his wife, addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which went viral.

In the tweet, Dave said that they got married because of him. Allegedly, he had commented on Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page in support of PM Modi, and a woman had liked his comment. They then started talking, and soon it turned into a marriage.

This cutesy love story, however, is only one side of the tale — one that hides a dark secret.

Pandey, Dave’s wife, tweeted about their alleged unhappy marriage that hides behind this image. “I am just 18 years old, and he is 29 although his face doesn’t reflect so. First of all, he used my image without my knowledge and consent for his own benefit of publicity. He used this as a means to glorify his image in the BJP and social media,” she wrote. She added that their marriage was not just an unhappy one, but one that involved mental and physical torture.

She alleged, “He tortured me both mentally and physically till the extent that I tried committing suicide. His family supported him in doing so. I didn’t have the freedom to even step out of their house without a member accompanying me in the name of honour.”

Pandey claimed that she was given no privacy and that her husband would check her phone all the time. She wrote, “I seriously doubt if his feelings were true for me. Is this what a Modi bhakt does in the name of bhakti?”

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