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Viral: Tyrion as Kanhaiya & 9 More Reasons Why GoT’s ‘The Long Night’ Mirrors The 2019 Lok Sabha Polls

No points for guessing who the Night King is.

After watching GOT S08E03, I’m fully convinced that (at least) season 8 is entirely based on India’s General Elections of 2019. I mean just look at the similarities:

1. All ideological adversaries, from The North to the Iron Islands, have come together in a ‘mahamilavat’ type gathbandhan with a common purpose to defeat one formidable enemy.

2. The enemy, that is the Night King, or Narendra Modi, is one who has the ability to turn thinking, breathing human beings into blood-thirsty, brain-dead zombies, and whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity wherever it survives.


3. The Night King, for whom it is repeatedly said ‘the Night King is coming’…which for us translates to ‘kuchh bhi kar lo, aayega to…’

4. The one prominent face that brings together the ‘mahamilavat’ type gathbandhan and who we’re made to believe is the only answer to the monstrous Night King, is Jon Snow, or Rahul Gandhi, who….you know…knows nothing. Note that even Jon Snow’s family lineage is brought into question time and again. Coincidence? I think not.

5. He has a sister, Arya, or Priyanka, who everybody has really high hopes from in terms of being the only other who can truly challenge the Night King.

game of thrones

6. You have Daenerys, or Mayawati, the queen of outcasts, whose kingdom was stolen from her by an adversary who is today her ally.

7. Her ally, Jamie Lannister, or Akhilesh, who stole her kingdom from her, and whom not many people care for otherwise.

game of thrones

8. You have Tyrion, or Kanhaiya Kumar, who has been branded as an antisocial element for simply saying the right things at the right time, and who is also the most intelligent and credible of the lot, always knowing what is the right thing to do and for whom.

9. You have the three dragons, or basically our judiciary, election commission and our media, one of whom the Night King has already turned into a brainless zombie that blindly follows his command, while the other two struggle to keep up.

10. And then you have Bran, our secular democracy, who has become fragile of late, and who the Night King is really after, and who Jon, Daenerys, Arya and everybody else wants to protect from the Night King.

I could go on. Let it just suffice to say that as long as we know the Night King will be defeated and his army of zombie White Walkers destroyed, I’m ok with the fact that those GOT producer guys know something about Indian elections and politics that even some of us may not.

(Amit Jain is a Gurgaon-based documentary filmmaker.)

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