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U.P. Bypolls- Any Government Which Ignores Farmers Will Lose- Regardless Of Chanakyas, Money Or Modi.

The government that ignores the farm and farmers is doomed and destined to be taught a lesson at the hustings.

The recent losses in Phulpur, Gorakhpur and now Kairana should be an indication of the turn of events in the run of the general elections of 2019. The argument regarding by-polls not being indicative of anything falls flat since the BJP under PM Modi and Amit Shah contest every election like it is their last. In that context, while Phulpur and Gorakhpur (being the seats of Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya and CM Yogi Adityanath) are embarrassing defeats for the current central and state government of Modi and Yogi, Kairana opens up a whole new dimension for the bell weather state of Uttar Pradesh.

What the loss in Kairana teaches us is (as I predicted during my speech during the Congress plenary session recently) that the government that ignores the farm and farmers and only pays lip service to their needs, is doomed and destined to be taught a lesson at the hustings.

The sugarcane farmers across Uttar Pradesh have been crying hoarse for payment from the sugar mills from Western UP all the way across to Eastern UP. The loan waiver that the Yogi government offered to farmers across the state is a pittance compared to the actual needs and requirements of our farmers. The MSP that should have been ‘lagat’ plus 50% is not being realized by the farmers across India.

Uttar Pradesh, being the 2nd largest producer of sugarcane in the country, deserves special attention by the government. Currently, over Rs. 13,500 crores is outstanding to the sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh itself. The government is sleeping on the same issue and hurting our brothers who toil and work hard to feed us all. Instead of following the promise that CM Yogi made of payment within 15 days, in Western Uttar Pradesh, the mills have stopped payments completely since March 16, 2018, and some mill owners have had to inform farmers that the payment for their produce may happen next year!

We have all read the great news articles since 2014 and more so since 2017 in the context of Uttar Pradesh about the modern day Chankaya, his unassailable team and his rainbow caste coalition of non-Jatav SC, non-OBC Yadav and upper caste Hindus. We have been told that this tectonic shift has never happened before and is unbeatable. Kairana alone has shown us all how fragile this Modi government’s banding together of all these castes is since they all are all dependant on agriculture. The anger that the farmers across the state of Uttar Pradesh have in lieu of the repeated lies and broken promises is for all to see.

The coming together of the opposition parties’ including the Congress is an indication that they have picked up the mood of the farming community early and have read their minds well. The fact that the Congress is the only government that in last decade or so have waived farm loans completely, something which is again highlighted during my recent speech on Agriculture and India in the Congress plenary session, has added credibility to the joint opposition candidates and will continue to be the truthful fact in the run-up to 2019 that the parties can use against the BJP.

The policy paralysis that the current Modi government has toward the farming community is an alarming development for an agriculture-based country like ours. I would urge the current government, in its last year or last 10 months or so, to urgently fulfil its promise to the farming community across India of doubling their income. This is the least PM Modi can do to salvage what has been a disaster of a government for the last 4 years, specifically for our farmer brothers and sisters across Uttar Pradesh.

The Congress party has always listened to the voice of the farmers and Kairana is a clear booming signal to us all that the ‘kisaan’ of India is also an ‘insaan’ and has a right to live in happiness and in prosperity while being justly rewarded for all the hard work that goes in to providing food to us all. I am sure PM Modi remembers that for anybody to do ‘chai pe charcha’, you need sugar and jaggery which our sugarcane farmers grow across Uttar Pradesh.


Laliteshpati Tripathi is a young former MLA of the Congress party. Lalitesh represented Marihan, in Mirzapur district, Uttar Pradesh from 2012 to 2017. 

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