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Heritage Being Damaged by Suppressing NSSO Data: Kaushik Basu Points Out How NSSO Was Praised By Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton

The leaked NSSO report shows that the unemployment rate in the country increased to a 45-year high of 6.1 per cent in 2017-18.

Former World Bank chief economist Kaushik Basu on Tuesday, February 5 cited Nobel laureate Angus Deaton’s quote in praise of the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) survey, and underlined that the Modi government’s move to hide the data is unfortunate.

In a tweet, Basu wrote how Deaton had said that NSSO was the first two use random sampling in household surveys, now a widely-followed methodology in both governmental and independent household surveys.

After Business Standard published its report on the unreleased NSSO data on jobs, Basu wrote in the New York Times, “India has a job crisis, and the government would rather you didn’t notice.”

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 Commenting on the unreleased job data, Basu added, “This information blackout is uncharacteristic for India, which has been praised, including by the Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton, for playing a pioneering role, globally, in statistical data collection.”

The NSSO periodic labour force survey accessed by Business Standard shows that the unemployment rate in the country increased to a 45-year high of 6.1 per cent in 2017-18.  For the July 2017-June 2018 period, unemployment was the highest since 1972-1973, reported Business Standard.

It caused much embarrassment to the Narendra Modi-led government, as two members of the National Statistical Commission had resigned citing the deliberate suppression of the survey report which had been approved by the NSC in December.

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