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Yet Another BJP MP Justifies Murder And Reveals The BJP’s Unbating Lust For Blood. Modi-Shah Continue Silence.

Unless a bill is passed in Parliament to curb population, we will produce another Pakistan, the minister said.

A day after a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA called for the mass shooting of intellectuals and seculars, another BJP lawmaker said that Muslims are a threat to the nation and the reason behind increasing mob lynching in the country.

BJP MP Hari Om Pandey, in an interview with TV news channel Times Now said, “The main problem in India is because terrorism, crimes, mob lynching are increasing and the reason for this is the population of the country. There’s a huge increase in the country’s population today compared with the time of independence and the reason for that is one community, that of the Muslims.”

Pandey, a father of four children himself, urged for a bill to be brought in Parliament to curb the growing population in the country, reported The Times of India.

Referring to neighbouring Pakistan, Pandey said, “They just had elections and already they are being called ‘Aatankistan’ (Terroristan)… and unless a bill is passed in Parliament to curb population we will produce another Pakistan.”

While Pandey wants a bill in Parliament to curb population, Uttar Pradesh MLA Surendra Singh has recently appealed to Hindus to have more children.

“Hindus should have at least five children. Two for the man, two for the woman and one surplus. Giving birth to a child is ‘prasad’ (gift) from God. India can become strong, when Hindus are strong. When Hindu is weak, India is weak…,” Singh was quoted as saying by PTI. 

“Hindus will be a minority, not due to terrorists but due to themselves,” he added.

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